The Long Awaited, Most Anticipated… Chattanooga Challenge Race Recap

This year we participated in the Chattanooga Challenge – 5k on Saturday and the Half Marathon on Sunday.  This is our 4th challenge weekend of 2018, why not run all the races if your in town??!!

Friday – Road Trip/Expo/Dinner

It was another early Friday morning on the road for yet another challenge weekend!  We were heading back to Chattanooga for the weekend and running would be involved.  We spent about 6ish hours in the car and were able to meet up with our girl Jessica for the expo.  There were a few vendors, but we headed right for the race specific merchandise…ummmm, trucker hat!!  We made a few purchases and headed to take our bib photo before meeting Esmeralda, Marina, and Sam for dinner.  Our friend Gina wasn’t able to make it due to her grandbaby insisting on making his entrance into this world.  As we were making our way out of the expo, Jessica received a phone call asking her to return to packet pickup.  It just so happened that the bib makers for the race had made a bib for her baby bump…Abby!!  How cool was that!!

We met at Old Chicago Pizza for dinner, talked like we had just seen each other yesterday and laughed a lot!!



Saturday – Classic 150 5k

I think this might be the first race that I dressed for the weather!! I actually wore long sleeves and capris…WHHHHAAAAAT???!!!

We arrived early cuz we wanted to meet all the people!!  We found Gina (gbena), Jessica (JessRun6813) and Esmeralda (mrs_incredible) in the parking lot.  Then someone, I think Gina??!! had to use the port-a-potty and of all the things, she handed the Hubs her phone…unlocked!!  Who does that???  GINA!!  And so we took pictures!!


Once we were closer to the start we met David (theleathercigar) who was running his first marathon and Amber (amberella2u).


It was decided that Gina and the Hubs would bust it out and Jessica, Esmeralda and I were going to take it easy.  Let me just say that it was great hanging with the girls on this one.  Not that it’s not great hanging with the Hubs, but I do that A LOT!!  Pretty sure it will happen tomorrow??!!  But anyway…

On the run… Classic 150 5k

Once we all made it back to the finish we took it to the backdrop!!  It was so much fun trying to get everyone to look the same direction at once, but the candid photos are the best!!

After the Finish

A few of us went for caffee at Mean Mugs and it was an IG photo op with the cawfees!!  The Hubs and I tried the NorSpring cryotherapy, it was free if you went that day!!  Uhhhh, heck yeah.  I had been wanting to try this for some time, the Hubs wasn’t so sure.  This facility was different than others I had seen posted, it was all in, full body cryotherapy.  You start in one area for 15 seconds before entering the big chiller for 2 min 45 sec.  The technician asks you to pick a song before entering, they play it in the big chiller to help keep your mind off the cold.  It helped me, but the Hubs was about to tap out!!  Yes he wanted to hit the exit button!!!  I enjoyed it and if we had this available locally I would frequent the establishment.   We had lunch with the Hub’s son, Sam that is attending UT and then dinner at Taco Mammacito with Esmeralda,  we need our Esme time!!



Sunday – The Chattanooga Half Marathon

We were up to meet Gina at the stadium to catch the bus to the start where we would connect with Esmeralda and Marina.  Marina would be running her first marathon and Esmeralda was our cheerleader that we would see everywhere along the course!!  We thought we would see Jessica at the finish, but she would surprise us along the course as well.  Runner buds are truly family!! Soooo, here is the Half Marathon in pictures!!

Start Line

On the Run…13.1 Miles


Finish Line

After the Finish

Challenge Complete

We weren’t able to see Marina finish her marathon, but she did!!  Way to go Marina!!

This wraps up our string of challenges, our next is the first weekend in May…Flying Pig!!  We are out to complete the Skyline Chili 3-Way Challenge w/Extra Cheese – 1 mile/10k/5k/Half Marathon.  That’s not to say we haven’t completed several race distances since Chattanooga.  Things are settling down at the new house and we are getting back so some type of routine and I hope to be back to updating the blog in a timely manner…fingers crossed.

Let me know…

Have you run Flying Pig??  Have you been to Cincinnati??  If so, what do you recommend doing or places to eat??

We’re on the move…

The past couple of weeks have been some kind of crazy!!  We have stayed in a hotel, closed on ‘our’ place, did not receive the keys to ‘our’ place at closing (4 days later!!), our fridge was delayed for delivery for 2 weeks even though we paid and scheduled 2 weeks prior to closing (we have a dormitory fridge), the dishwasher leaked and had to be replaced, an outlet didn’t work due to the builder sheet rocking over the outlet it was daisy-chained to, I have ate out since last Tuesday, and so far the only things missing are my son’s lamp base and t.v. wall mount!!!


But don’t you fear… I am working on my Chattanooga Challenge and Rock ‘n’ Fly race recaps!!

Let me know…

Have you had any moving adventures, emotionally or physically moving counts??!!  What if anything was misplaced or lost during your move, your mind counts too??!!  How long did it take for you to settle in to the new place??!!

When you love a product…


You become a brand ambassador and share some information about the product.

From the website…


pjuractive 2skin prevents sore patches and blisters when running. The sweat and water resistant anti-chafing gel is ideal for runners, to avoid blisters forming on the feet and chafing on the body.

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  • Can be used at hot and cold temperatures
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Discount Code…

MYKINDOFFIT for 10% off your purchase

2018 Gasparilla Ultra Challenge

Gasparilla Ultra Challenge

February 24-25, 2018

We are still packing cupboards and closets in between all the running!!  We found ‘Our’ place and have sold ‘My’ place and if all goes well we will close on both places at the end of the month.  Fingers crossed!!

Now for that weekend recap…

We were up and out the door early to make the 5 hour drive to Tampa.  Of course we stopped for cawfee, which had us stopping at a couple of rest stops.  We arrived around 1:30p and parked across from the convention center for the expo.  We went straight for bib pickup and then for our race shirts and a jacket (for running the challenge).  The four race shirts and jacket are put in a reusable shopping bag.

We then made our way to the banner to find our names.

Then we walked the rows of vendors.  I purchased a Blyss Running skirt, a bag of Veronica’s Health Crunch Granola, and don’t you think we left without a couple of 73 Threads shirts!!

Blyss Running is a woman owned small business out of North Carolina, providing runners with flattering running apparel that inspires empowerment and joy. They are committed to supporting the revitalization of the domestic textile industry and our communities by having all of their apparel manufactured in the USA.  I have not ran in the skirt yet, but hope to this week and I’ll let you know what I think.

It’s a shame I had to go all the way to Tampa to find Veronica’s Health Crunch that is made in Freeport, FL that is only 20 minutes up the road from me!!  But, it probably has saved me some money as I went for the 1.5lb bag!!  I’m loving the original flavor and did I mention it is Gluten Free, non-GMO  and sweetened with honey… 100% natural.

And y’all know our love of 73Threads…we’re living in them!!

Next we were off to dinner at Bar Taco, we were meeting some friends from Virginia that just happened to be in Tampa.  We were so engrossed in conversation that we didn’t take pictures of the food…say what??!!  However, the Portabella Taco and the Churros are da bomb!!

It was back to the hotel after dinner to prepare for race morning.  I don’t know what got into me but I did a #flatrunner, a picture of all of the things that you are racing in, and I think I could run faster if I didn’t wear all the things!!  Not to mention, it is hard fitting everything in a 1×1 square!!


Saturday – 15k / 5k

This year we waited until the last minute to make hotel reservations and ended up staying at The Floridan.  The website said it was a historic hotel and we didn’t know what to expect, but it ended up being a great room!!  I kept asking if the hotel was haunted and no one could really tell me.

The 15k start was at 7a on Saturday, but that wouldn’t keep us from waking up at 4a!!  Enough time for cawfee!!  We had a short .5 mile walk to the start chutes and had no problem finding them, literally walked straight into them.  We were able to find our run buds Jen and Hannah to exchange hugs before the start.

Our strategy was to take it easy and enjoy the views along Bayshore.  This would be our 3rd Gasparilla Ultra Challenge and the HAWTEST on yet.  It was humid and expected to be in the upper 70’s/lower 80’s for both days.  This turned out to be an uneventful 9.3 miles until we reached the finish and Meb was there to greet us!!  I was sure his security team had the Hubs name and number after all their run-ins last year!!

OHHHHH, I almost forgot!!  After crossing the start line, THERE, RIGHT THERE in the road was $20 and I took my life in my hands to risk getting trampled to pick it up!!  But, I won!!  Thank you random stranger for our post race cawfee!!

We collected our medals and hung out with Medal Mom Myrna (Jen’s mom collects and holds our medals during the second race) until 9a and then made our way with Hannah to the Port-O-Potties and then the 5k start.  We were in the Blue Wave and was set to start at 915a.  We were still waiting to start when we received a text from Jen asking if we had started yet, NO!!  I asked where are you, did you make the cutoff (she’s run/walking injured)??  And she did, but jumped in with the elites when their gun went off!!  You go Jen!!

We started on time and kept a look out for Jen.  She had told us she was walking the 5k, her foot was really bothering her and she didn’t want to chance anything for tomorrow.  We ran up on her at mile 1.  Hannah stayed to walk the rest of the way with her, the Hubs and I continued to run…if you can call it that during the 5k.  This is the largest 5k we run and it is so hard to get a decent pace dodging in and out of people.  Of course, we stopped for a donut at the turnaround from the Rough Riders!!  And we had to document mile 2!!   It had started to warm up nice and after the turnaround we walked through the water stations making sure to stay hydrated.

Bringing it in for the finish…

As we finished, we spotted Medal Mom Myrna and chatted with her until Jen and Hannah made it to the finish.  We collected our medals and found a spot for a group photo.   We skipped the food line and went straight to Starbucks in the Embassy Suites (across the street from the expo) and spent that $20 on cawfee!!

Photo Finish… 2 races down, 2 to to go!!

We walked the .5 miles back to the hotel where I would take a nap and the Hubs would go down the street to get us Street Tacos from the Taco Truck for lunch.  We relaxed in the room until walking to the Tampa Postcard we spotted from our hotel window before dinner with friends at the Cheesecake Factory.  We met up with Karin (runnergirl_1210), her husband, and Melissa (mkmeritt).  Again, we were talking so much that no one took pictures of the food!!

The conversation was good and the food was good and we got cheesecake to go!!

Sunday – Half Marathon / 8k

There was no #flatrunner last night, that was stressful!!  Jen had texted that she was NOT going to participate in the Half Marathon, but was going to run/walk the 8k, her foot was not doing so well.  We were to meet Karin on the bridge before the 630a start, so we started walking that way around 550a.  Yep, awake at 4a again!!

It’s still dark at the start of the Half and makes the first mile a little difficult, plus this year is was EXTRA humid.  You come off the bridge to make a left turn onto a cobblestone street that is not well lit and then on to the onramp to Davis Island.  This area as well as the island stayed pretty congested this year, no breakaway for the group we were in??   We stopped for a photo with the Flame Thrower, pretty sure this is a yearly photo.  The race photographer captured a good photo of me with the sunrise on the island and then the photo on the bridge taking us back to Bayshore.

We were back on Bayshore at mile 5 and got to see the leader heading to the finish.  This can be sooooo defeating.  How do they do that??  I still have 8.1 miles to go and someone is finishing…alright already!!  Anyway, we made our way along Bayshore chatting and laughing before Meb spotted us at mile 7 and jumped in the road to selfie with us!!  Actually, he was already in the road high-fiving runners as they passed, so we had to stop.  We hit mile 10 and was headed toward the finish.  I spotted a photographer and raised my arms, yeah bay-be…almost there.  And then there is the finish chute and I was about to hit a milestone number Half Marathon.

Half Marathon #50…


We dropped our medals with Medal Mom Myrna and picked up Jen and Hannah, making our way to the start line of the 8k.  We grabbed some water and a banana, stopped at the port-a-potty and lined up with about 10 minutes til start.  Jen and I decided to run the first mile and walk the rest.  I was pretty tired and wasn’t going to push myself.  I knew I was going to finish whether I ran or walked and I would get my challenge medal.  The Hubs, Hannah, and Karin were all going to run and meet us at the finish.  Jen and I walked, ran when we spotted a photographer, unless you don’t see them first, chatted a lot and ran it into the finish!!

Photo Finish…Challenge Complete

It was hugs all around at the finish as we completed another Gasaprilla Challenge weekend.  We headed for the food line, picked up bananas and water and headed for cawfee.  However, I ended up with a Refresher that tasted extremely good with the heat.  We ate and drank on the walk back to the hotel and decided that we will probably be going back for a 4th time in 2019.  It shower, pack, and hit the road kinda hustle once we hit the hotel, since we had a 5 hour drive ahead of us and both had to work the next day.



We have 2 challenge weekends left on the calendar…Chattanooga Challenge (5k/Half) and The Flying Pig – Skyline Chili 3-Way with Extra Cheese (Little Kings Mile/5K/10K/Half).  There is a month between our last two challenges and I’m welcoming the rest, however there is a move in our near future.

Let me know…

Do you like seeing/reading the same formats on posts??  I tend to write the way I talk and the format seems to flow from that, what works for you??  Does is bother you reading posts that are not grammatically correct??  Or do you chalk it up to that writers style??  As you may have noticed, I love exclamation points and ellipses and I don’t necessarily uses them correctly!!



Oh the chaf…

Not so much!!

Thanks to Pjuractive 2Skin anti-chafing gel for reaching out to me on Instagram last month to ask if I would be interested in trying their product.  Heck yeah!!

The victim of  chafing in the past, Ummm I have scars, I was more than interested! Pjuractive 2Skin is a silicone-based anti-chafing gel that provides a protective film on the skin. According to the company website, the gel penetrates the cells of the skin, eventually strengthening the skin. The gel is water and sweat-resistant, long lasting, like all day long, and invisible. The product can be used EVERYWHERE.  With age, my skin has changed and I need an anti-chafing product in several areas like my thighs, under my arms, under sport bra straps and the side ribcage area, but also that area where the thigh connects to THAT area.

My first run with 2skin was in early February, a nice Florida morning dripping with humidity…No chafing!!

I also used the product during the 26.2 with DONNA Booby Trap Challenge.  I ran back to back 10 and 5ks…No chafing!!  Also, our first 80+ degree Half Marathon the following day…No chafing!!

Took it on a few short training runs…No chafing!!

How about the Gasparilla Ultra Challenge…2 Days + 4 Races = 30.4 miles.  Confident to raise my arms at each Finish…No chafing!!

And this past weekend at the Chattanooga Challenge where the temps were cooler…No chafing!!

I’m in love with this gel–it’s colorless and is easy to apply. It holds up during the short and long runs, the hot and humid runs, and the cooler, dryer runs.  There is no residue, and it rinses off easily in the shower.  I want you to give it a try and find out for yourself use code MYKINDOFFIT10 for 10%  Pjuractive 2Skin.

Let me know…

Is chafing a problem for you??  What is your favorite anti-chafing product??  Will you try a new product if you have a discount code vs. not having one??

Yep…We run for boobies!!

26.2 with DONNA – Booby Trap Challenge

February 10-11, 2018

Wheeeewww, talk about running around!!  My intention was to get this out before our next challenge, but life is happening!!  The Hubs and I are looking for ‘OUR’ place as well…standby for all things selling, buying and moving with a little running thrown in!!

Now for the race recap…

In 2008, three-time breast cancer survivor, Donna Deegan, created 26.2 with DONNA. The National Marathon to Finish Breast Cancer, dedicated to breast cancer research and care, benefiting the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program and The DONNA Foundation. The DONNA Foundation provides care for 550 families annually, with $3 million dollars dispersed to the Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Translational Genomics Program since its beginning. This was the 11th running of 26.2 with DONNA, having three breast cancer survivors in the family; my mom, my aunt (her twin), and my grandmother all having right breast mastectomies, meant that this was a race that that I needed to run.

We headed to Jacksonville on Friday for the Expo and packet pick up since we had races Saturday and Sunday.  Pick up was a breeze with a separate table for the challenge…and a shorter line!!  We collected our bibs, bag, and shirts, strolled the isles and only purchased a hat(at the expo!!).  We took our Bib Shot with the Pink Running Ribbon before we headed to eat.


You know we like to eat and since we hadn’t eaten since early morning we were hungry!!  We asked around at the expo and the consensus was V Pizza downtown.  It was a short drive from the expo and was not busy??  Aren’t there runners in town that should be carbing up??  We had the special and it was delicious!!  And duh, dessert because we’re running all the miles!!

We managed to find the mall and yep, did a little shopping, little is code for A LOT!!  We were not hungry after walking the mall, so it was off to the hotel where we readied for the 10k/5k and enjoyed a snack from room service…pretzel bites!!

Saturday – 10k/5k

Saturday’s races were downtown and we had a short drive to the start.  Short until you miss the exit, but end up asking directions to find out the Start Line is directly to your right…yep that was us!!  We made our way over to the start and while waiting we met Donald, a peanut farmer from Georgia (you’ll see his pic on Sunday) whose wife is a breast cancer survivor.  He was running the 10k, then walking the 5k with his wife.

The 10k/5k followed the same route (you know, shorter for the 5k) in downtown Jacksonville. The start and finish were at the Prime Osborn Convention Center with route highlights of Hemming Park, The Jacksonville Landing, St Johns River and Everbank Field. Both the 10k/5k participants earn the signature Running Ribbon medal.

10k: Start Line – Mile 3 – I have no idea what the name of the bridge is, but it was one of the sites – Finish Line

5k:  Start Line x 2 – Somewhere before the finish – Finish Line

Finish Photos:  Because I have not idea which are the 10k vs. 5k!!  That’s what happens when your wearing the same thing for both races!!  I’m thinking the foggy one is the 10k finish since we ran it first??!!  We’ll jus go with that!!

In our conversation with Donald, he suggested we eat at TacoLu for dinner.  So before heading over to put our feet in the Atlantic Ocean, we at TacoLu’s and enjoyed every bite.  We enjoyed the Guacamole, Baja Fish Taco, Carnitas Taco x 2, The Flying Hawaiian (my favorite) and Cilantro Lime Rice!!


Sunday – Half Marathon

The start was at Ponte Verde Beach which meant we drove (uneventful), parked and selfied our way to the start.  We made our way through Runner’s Village where there was complimentary cawfee, donuts and muffins, and we managed a few photos before lining up.  We ran into Donald again and this time he brought a couple of packs of Georgia Peanuts!!  Those peanuts were stuffed in my underskirt pockets the entire race!!  And look at Stephanie, we follow her and her boyfriend on IG and had run into them at the expo on Friday, how she found us I’ll never know…maybe it was that tie-dye shirt??!!

Start:  When the Hubs wants his own photo – Start Line – w/Donald and Stephanie

The Course:  We ran along A1A in Ponte Vedra Beach to Jacksonville Beach – Oh hey, that’s the DONNA – selfie at mile 4 w/DONNA – Big Boobies along Duval Street

The Course:  After the turnaround for the half in Jacksonville beach, we met the Pink Martian – selfied at mile 8 – then we headed toward the Interstate…

The Course:  Yes, we ran on the interstate, east bound lanes were closed for the race, DONNA knows people!!  Mile 11 selfie – We climbed the Amgem Breakaway Bridge, that’s my thumbs up at mile 12.5 at the top of that bridge…whew!!

The Finish:  Mayo Clinic Finish Area.  The Finish Chute – The Finish – All the BLING – and a close up of all the shiny objects

We wondered back through the Runner’s Village and grabbed a few snacks before catching the shuttle back to the car and our drive back to Panama City.

Next up – Gasparilla Ultra Challenge!!   This will be our third year running, 2016 Part I and Part II and 2017 linked for your reading pleasure.

Let me know…

Are you experiencing Summer weather this winter??  Are you lucky enough to have 4 seasons in your corner of the world??  What was the high or low temp of your last run??


What’s going down… Food Prepping with the Instant Pot

Wow…I actually was home for a weekend to prep our meals for the week!!

This makes me sooooo HAPPY and using the Instant Pot makes me even HAPPIER!!

Here’s the quick run down…

Shredded Korean Beef with Sweet Potato and Sautéed Peppers from Fit Foodie Finds.  I thought my son was going to eat all this beef before I could get it packed up for lunches!! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this again.

Sweet Potatoes can be tricky, but Sweet Peas and Saffron has a great guide on choosing the right time for the size of your Sweet Potato…lifesaver!!


Chinese Chicken with Broccoli from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.  I’m not sure if I will make the Riced Cauliflower to go along with this, I’m not a fan yet!!


Paleo Tumeric Chicken Meatballs w/Green Tahini Sauce from Ambitious Kitchen.  I made the sauce per the directions, but mine didn’t turn out as green??!!  We will drizzle before eating.


For breakfast I’m going with a Spinach, Pineapple and Banana smoothie.

Cheers for the new week!!

Let me know…

Do you shy away from recipes with crazy ingredients??  What’s the weirdest ingredient that you have cooked with??

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15k…When your neck doesn’t make the finish line photo!!!

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15k… 3 February 2018

Before I get to the recap, the feature photo was in the Pensacola News Journal and the first thing I noticed was that I didn’t have a neck!!  Due to the lack of neck in this photo, I intentionally held my chin up during the finish of our next race!!!

Now for the recap…

This was the 6th running of this race for me and the 4th for the Hubs.  We love this race and can’t wait to run the NEW bridge next year.  If you’re not familiar with this race, you run the 3 mile bridge from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze and the toll bridge that takes you onto Pensacola Beach.  You may see construction in some of the pictures, that’s the new bridge being built and we were told that it will be race ready in 2019.

Once again, we had some chilly temps at the start, but the throw away jackets I found while cleaning out my son’s closet helped a lot!!

We were bused from the beach (aka Finish Line) to the Wahoo Stadium downtown for the start.  Our bus driver turned left vs. right leaving the parking lot taking us towards Fort Pickens…no, no, no!!  Of course, we all told her to turn around and her reply…I haven’t been to the beach in about 5 years!!  Ummmm, there is only one way in and one way out, you need to go out the way you came in!!  We made it across the bridge and almost made it to the stadium, but first…we must rescue a turtle crossing the road!!  But , we did make it in time for a stop at the bathroom and a few meet ups.

We met up with Team RWB Panama City for the annual group photo.  It’s crazy that we see more Team RWB members at this race than any Panama City race!!??  We also ran into our friend Meghan who is about to run a 50k and we’ll see her again at Flying Pig in May.  We also were able to meet up with our friend George from Mobile, his wife Erica is running the 5k so you’ll see her later.


Oh hey, it’s go time…let me start my watch!!

We leave the stadium for a short loop around downtown before making our way to the 3 mile bridge.  We stopped at the top of the bridge for a photo and again at the 6 mile mark right after exiting the bridge.  Right before the 5k start line is a Chik-Fil-A and the cow and calf are always out…photo op.  I hope next year they bring chicken nuggets!!

We had several friends running the 5k and they were standing out along the course to cheer us on before their start…photo op!! Kari. Dan-el


Then it was onward and upward to conquer the second bridge!!  Mile 8 is right in the middle of the climb up…who does that???  This year I ran all the way up that sucker, I usually start walking at the mile 8 marker…but not this year!!  After reaching the top, it’s all downhill (well pretty much) to the finish!!

And there it is…that photo finish!!  With a little elbow sweat, anything is possible!! Does anyone else just sweat at the elbows??!!

We hung out and waited to see everyone finish…

Then we headed to the beach for those medal shots!!

We finished the morning off with breakfast at Polonza’s, I had a mimosa and the Toad in a Hole…delicious.  Two slices of sour dough bread, two eggs over medium, arugula, tomato, bacon, avocado, parmesan cheese and a lite vinaigrette dressing.   The Hubs didn’t have anything too exciting, eggs with cheese and a coke.

I forgot to mention, The 15k finishers received either a trucker hat or visor at the finish, your choice!!

Next up…26.2 with Donna – Booby Trap Challenge

Let me know…

When is your racing season??  Fall into Winter, Winter into Spring or Summer into Fall??  Do you have a race bucket list??  Are you checking any bucket list races off during your racing season this year??

A Louisiana Weekend with a Little Lagniappe…

***I started this post 2 weeks ago and then my son tested positive for Flu B, the Hubs ended up with a chest/head cold, and I was lucky to catch a respiratory/ear infection and head cold.  This knocked me on my butt and I did nothing, absolutely NOTHING.  So this post is later than I expected, but I’m getting it done!!

Louisiana Marathon Race weekend January 12-14, 2018

Friday we started what has become our annual road trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a full weekend of socializing and running!! It’s roughly a 4 hr drive from Pensacola and we planned on getting to the Expo around 2p.

We parked along the river like we always do and took a short walk to the Cane’s River Center.  We located our bib numbers and picked up our shirts and bags.  The last few years we have been doing a race on Saturday (5k/Quarter Note) and Sunday (Half/Full).  We rallied through the race merchandise area with only a hat and a cawfee mug!!  We stopped at the Community Coffee Truck for the King Cake flavored cawfee…first of the Mardi Gras season!!



Then we had all the fun at the photo booth with Karin and Gary!!  If you don’t know Gary, you need to!!  He is 400 to 26.2 on Instagram and has one heck of an inspirational story and is embarking on a new adventure in Colorado!!

Our girl Karin is on Instagram as runner girl_1210 and has become the bestests of buds!! She toughed out 26.2 miles in Chicago with the Hubs when I couldn’t run.  She was a trooper to listen to him for 5 hrs straight!!



We then made our way through the vendors, but I have to say that this year was much smaller than in the past.  Our only purchase was are shirts from 73 Threads and I must say…they know us.  Talking about the captions on our shirts!!!  Not to mention we picked up our Gasparilla shirts as well!!


We then ran into Jennifer (jenzenator) and the Race Announcer…Jeremy Pate!!  Jennifer is the sweetest and it was great getting to chat with her this afternoon.  Jeremy and Rick go back a few years in regards to media and Public Affairs.  It’s always comforting to hear his voice on race morning!!


Then is was off to dinner at Chimes near LSU and to ready ourselves for the freezing temps expected for race morning.

Saturday – Quarter Note…6.55 miles

Here we geaux…25 degrees at race start!!

The start was at 8a so we were able to stop for a SHORT cawfee on the way. We were lucky to find 4 packs of hand warmers in the checkout line at WalMart and I planned to keep mine in my gloves, as well as the side pockets of the shorts under my skirt.  Yes, I opted for NO PANTS…what was I thinking??  Maybe that I would look cool??  How about COLD!!


We sat in the car for a while until it was time to go meet all the friends!!  I did tie a mylar blanket around my waist to keep the legs warm until it was time to run.


It’s always fun to run into Jennifer, one of the race strategist that approached us on course in 2016 and told us that they loved following us…really it was the Hubs, I was in the port-a-potty!!  The McDonald’s (Wayne and Dee) are always a welcome sight and this year they brought the whole family out for the 5k.  I was excited to see Kansas (kansas2652) as we were walking to the start, we met her at MS Gulf Coast in 2016 and love seeing her!!  We finally met Erica’s friend Tre (thang_cay), we had only seen pictures until today!!  And our girl Erica (erica.runs31), she was one of the first friends for life that we met in 2016 and we make sure we get a little extra time with her.

And it’s Geaux Time…


In it for the finish!!  What is the Hubs doing to my fingers???


And we can’t forget the medal shot!!


We did change into warmer clothes to attend the Finish Festival, but I neglected to take any photos…who am I??  I’m thinking I didn’t want to take my gloves off??!!  But we did enjoy a bowl of Uncle Larry’s Gumbo before heading off for Café au Lait and Beignets.

Sunday – Half Marathon…13.1 miles

And 2 degrees warmer at race start today…27 degrees!!


Start was at 7a this morning, so no cawfee on the way, but we did get a cup from Community Coffee though, that’s the table behind us!!  The same drill with the hand warmers this morning, gloves and pockets, but I took a $5 WalMart blanket to the start line this morning…however, I did hand it off to someone in the crowd!!  We met up with Erica, Karin and Valerie (icecreamrunner) and headed to the start line where we ran into Jennifer!!


Remember Gary (400to26.2) from the expo??  Well he ran up on us at mile 1 and stuck with us until mile 2 when he had to stop for a photo for the costume contest!!  Thanks for the action shot Gary!!

I’m not gonna lie, it was cold, I was cold…so this is what we got along the way.  We stopped for Mike the Tiger at mile 4, struck a pose at mile 7 and Mimosas at mile 11…but of course!!!


And we brought it in for that finish line shot!!


The one of the best things about this Half, we got to run the whole 13.1 miles with Erica!!  There were times she would run ahead, but she always came back for us!!  We love you Erica!!


Same drill as yesterday, we went and put on warm clothes and headed over to the Finish Festival.  Once again, no photos??!!  But we did have Gumbo, Jambalaya, Marathon Salad and Vegan Roasted Vegetable Gumbo before heading over near the finish line to watch Karin finish the marathon.  On our way we ran into Shay (funrungirl13.1) and her husband Matt, who just finished his 1st Half!!  We met Shay in Nashville last year and hope to see her in Chattanooga in March.


And finish she did!!


And that’s a wrap on the Louisiana Marathon 2018!!  I’d like to say that we were party animals, but after Karin and her husband left, we ate and were in the bed at 7p!!  Until next year…

Let me know…

Do you hangout after a race?? Maybe for a friend to finish or maybe the after party or maybe both??  What’s the coldest temperature that you have run a race?  Do you dress for the weather or play it cool??

Next up…

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15k

A New Year… A New Plan

Starting the year off right…

I plan to add yoga and strength training BACK into the running rotation for 2018.  I have been having little twinges of injuries past and have been on TOTAL neglect mode with any type of cross training.

So here it goes… First week of January

Monday – I said I was re-introducing strength training into the rotation and it’s happening the first day of the year!!  I don’t know if many of you follow the Beachbody social media accounts, but there is a new workout coming later this month by Autumn Calabrese, 21 Day Fix, they put a teaser out on BOD called A Little Obsessed (ALO)…well here I go!!

Day 1 of ALO –  Cardio Core… no weights, no bands, no sliders!!  I opted for bodyweight in order not to sacrifice form with a new program.  Pretty sure I’ll feel this tomorrow.

Tuesday – Another running rest day, but I’m in for AOL

Day 2 of ALO – Booty Burn… not gonna lie, the exercises are meant to TARGET the booty!!

Wednesday – Today was the day that I would see if this cross training and running routine was going to pan out.  Let’s just say that the legs were slowing down in mile 2 and I began to wonder why I let the cross training fall by the wayside??!!

Day 3 of ALO – AAA (Arms, Abs and A$$)… I used 8 lb weights for the upper body exercises

Thursday – Resolution 5k on base this afternoon!! I’m skipping Day 4 of ALO – Cardio since I was running the 5k.  I also added 10 minutes of abs and an 8 minute stretch video once I got to the house.

Friday – REST

Saturday – 10.04 miles.  Long run before next weekend’s Louisiana Marathon’s Half and Quarter Note!!  Look at us all bundled up it was 34 degrees in Florida!!  Brrrrrrrrrrr!!

Sunday – Yoga.  I finally broke the plastic on the Yoga for Runners video that I purchased 2 months ago.  I did Yoga for Recovery and it was just what my lower body needed after those AOL workouts. This video includes exercises for the ankles and feet and focuses on the lower body.

So here it goes…Second week of January

Monday – REST

Tuesday – 3.11 miles and Day 5 of ALO – Legs.  I finally found the day to add Day 5 of ALO and let me just say that my knees were pretty cranky with all the lunges…ALL.THE.LUNGES!!  This preview is only 5 days, so I’m closing it out due to our races this coming weekend.  The mama to this baby, 80 Day Obsession, starts 15 January.  I will not be doing the 80 days straight, but I will do ALL 80 days.  I just have to figure out what days each workout will work best for.  Fingers crossed!!

Wednesday – Yoga.  Yoga for Recovery…again!!  I’m loving this stretch for the feet.

Thursday – 2.26 miles.  This run wraps up the week…Ready to Rendezvous in Baton Rouge!!

And guess what…

I’m part of the 2018 Fitletic Brand Ambassador Team!! This was the third year I put in for it and they finally selected ME!!  You rarely see me without one of their belts while running…it holds all the stuff.  Once I get my discount code, I’ll be sure to share in case you want to try one for your self!!

Friday –  Travel Day.

Saturday and Sunday – Race Weekend…stay tuned for that recap!!

Let me know…

How did you start the New Year?? Anything NEW for 2018??