Disney didn’t cancel my birthday!!

Sometime back in 2016, the BF gifted me with a WDW Half Marathon registration since it fell on my birthday. Fast forward to January 2017 and we’re headed to Walt Disney World!! It looks to be all set for a great weekend with my two favorite guys, my son and the BF!!

On our drive we were greeted with a gorgeous sunrise and later a stop for cawfee.

After a little over 5 hour drive, we arrive…


Its’s straight to the Expo and Runner Relations!! A few weeks prior, I was unable to sign my waiver and after calling runDisney they said to go to Runner Relations and they would take care of the error…I was not alone, apparently around 200 other runners had the same issue.

We find Runner Relations…AND the line, for us, 1.5 hr wait!! Once we were able to speak to a volunteer, she was able to fix the system that would allow me to have a waiver to sign. The system had 2 Rick Delahayas, the only difference between the 2 was the shirt size!! The volunteer updated my information and said we were good to go to get our bibs.

Soooo, I find my bib number in the book and it is assigned to Rick Delahaya!! I asked that volunteer if that meant MY name wasn’t on the bib which confused her and led me to explain what happened with my waiver. She handed me my bib and it had Rick’s name on it…come on it’s my BIRTHDAY race!! Then it has corral P on the bib!! We had submitted a 2:30 projected finish time and apparently this was included in the mess up with the waiver. That volunteer directed me back to Runner Relations for corral issues!!

Back to Runner Relations for another 1 hr wait to find out that it doesn’t matter if you submit a time for corral assignment, they can exercise the right to put you wherever they want…touché!! This volunteer told the BF that it was basically his fault, that he should’ve had not registered me, things get messed up when you do that. This was not what I had expected and caught me completely off guard, I was a little upset that my bib didn’t have my name on it AND that we would now start in the last corral…this would not be the last disappointment for this race.



We walked through the expo in disappointment and really didn’t look at much. We did end up with a t-shirt, a hat and a few GU. We grabbed a cup of pretzel bite to hold us over til dinner and we were off to check into our room.





Dinner was a Raglan Road in Disney Springs. This is a favorite place when in Orlando, we’ve never had a bad meal.

While at dinner we had received a weather alert from runDisney, they were monitoring a system that was pushing through from the west. Shortly, after the first alert we received the RACE CANCELLED alert, potential for lightning in the area…WAAA!! WAAA!! And there it is, the triple header of my weekend. I was just getting over the disappointment from the Expo over a bowl of bread pudding when finding out I wouldn’t be running at all hits me…

On to Saturday morning…

We slept in til around 6:30, since there was no 2:30a wake-up call…plus, it’s my BIRTHDAY!! Of course we looked out the windows and could see that it had rained, but currently there was no adverse weather to be seen. We decided to put on the runners and get a few miles in before going to breakfast and then the parks!!

Our first 5 miles were pretty uneventful. We would pass and wave at several groups putting in their miles since they were doing either Dopey or Goofy. During our last two miles the sky turned black, the wind picked up and the clouds emptied out on us!! We took cover in a parking garage and after thinking it was all clear, we ended up under cover at a shuttle bus stop. Once the rain let up, we made it back to the room having put in around 6.5 miles. That was enough for me…I wanted to celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!

We started at WDW Magic Kingdom and went straight for the Nutella Waffle!! The Boy got something else, but was eyeing my waffle!! We rode a few rides, ate more park food, spoke to Mary Poppins about her Penguins, and then headed to Epcot!!



We had a FastPass+ for Soarin’ and it was delightful!! They have updated the scenes to iconic places around the world…LOVED IT!! Of course we had cawfee, it was quite chilly and headed to the World Showcase for dinner at Tutto Italia Ristorante in Italy.



After dinner the plan was to head back to Magic Kingdom for the fireworks, but we were chilled to the bone and just ready to get warm.  Did I mention that with the weather that had moved through, it brought a cold front and our thin Florida jackets were no match for the wind and cold!!  So it was back to the room to warm up and plan for tomorrow!!

On Sunday THEY ride Everest…

It was a 10 o’clock show for us at Animal Kingdom for our last day at Disney.  We were able to see and cheer for some of the runners passing through the park, mile 13 was just outside of Everest… Go Runner Go!!  The Boy and the BF rode the coaster twice…once in the middle car (you can see the NIKE swoosh) and once in the FRONT car!!


We made a loop around the park and got our candied pecans and headed for the car for the drive home…


In the weeks to come we emailed and phoned disney several times.  We finally received a link that allowed us to transfer to the WDW Wine & Dine Half Marathon in November.

However…still no medal in the mail!!!  When/If we receive our medals we will run 13.1 miles with our Disney bibs and proudly display our medal!!

The Best of 2016…in running!!

In random order…

Louisiana Marathon – This was my second marathon and although I didn’t verbalize a goal for this race, I had one in my head!!  I mainly wanted to get through this one without any injury issues.  In 2015, I started having hip/knee issues around mile 18 that caused me to walk run until around mile 24 when the advil that someone at an aid tent gave me kicked in.

IMG_9133 - Copy

Anyway, back to 2016…We were trucking along and I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that we may make it in under 5 hrs, that would be a little over 13 minute PR from 2015.  Well, Ricky G. started having foot issues around mile 22 and at mile 24 we watched the 5:00 hr pacer pace us like we were standing still.  But that was okay, we were still doing better than 2015, so much so that we stopped and took all sorts of photos before entering the finishing chute and…and official finish time of 5:00:03!!!  If I wouldn’t have had to have one more photo with the capital in the background, we could’ve been sub 5 hr!!


Oh well, should’ve, could’ve, would’ve!!  We still had fun and I had a PR!!

Read about it here…

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Gasparilla – This had been a few years coming and I loved, loved, loved it!!  4 races…2 days…30.4 miles…5 medals!!

I loved that there were 14k+ in the 5k, actually a little frustrating because there was no break away unless you were a seeded runner.

The medal from the Half and the Challenge are my favs!!  Come on, Pirate Skulls!!


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Checker tail – This was a last minute add to the April calendar, but it was in my backyard so it was a must do!!  Not to mention, I kind of like these challenges!!

Taking place on Tyndall AFB, the challenge offered a 5k, 10k and Half Marathon over 3 days…you pick your poison!!  I loved that this race was a non travel race, an early morning maybe, but it was a 15 minute drive from my house!!


Read about it here…

Amish Country – This was my overall FAVORITE race of 2016!! Not only was it in my home state of Ohio, but my family would be at the start and finish, plus the race swag was like no other!!

There were hills for days, but the course was gorgeous and the support was fabulous!!


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MS Gulf Coast – This was out last race for 2016 and it did not disappoint!!  It was the inaugural year, but the race directors also put on The Louisiana Marathon (see above) and they know how to put on a race!!

This run is no kidding along the MS Gulf Coast until about mile 11, then you get to see a little bit of the back streets.  We had so much fun meeting up with IG runners/friends, running and hanging out that we didn’t want this weekend to end.

Plus we wore really cool hats!!!


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Maybe you’ll find a recap or two to add to your 2017 race calendar??!!

Thanks for stopping by!!

MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon

Well, I’ve waited long enough and don’t want the last race of 2016 hanging over me as I start 2017…

First off, we had been watching this race since registration opened back in March, but we we had already scheduled a race for December and were actually ambassadors for said race when it suddenly cancelled in September due to low registration??!!  Ummmm, whatever, okay that just opened December up and guess what we did??  Registered for the MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Biloxi, MS.

Bonus…this race was being run by the same people that put on the Louisiana Marathon and since we keep going back for that one, this had to be a great race!!  And since we’ll be running The Half at the Louisiana Marathon, we’ll get the Saaa-Weeeet extra Beach-to-Bayou medal!!!  Winning!!

We headed towards Biloxi on Saturday morning, looking to make packet pick up around noon.  We made the expo and bought a few momentos to remind of our travels…trucker hat, cawfee mug and a charm!!


As we were strolling the isles collecting all the info on all the races to run, I got a text from Tricia asking if there was food at the expo!!  There wasn’t but they were on their way and we were going to grab lunch together!! I had met Tricia the week prior at the Panama City Beach Half Marathon and I was looking forward to spending more time with her.

Well, of all places we ate at Raising Cane’s!!  I usually don’t have to eat at Cane’s until our trip to Baton Rouge, but guess what…there was one in Mississippi!!  I must say we hit it off with Tricia and her husband, Greg.  It was like we had known each other for YEARS!!  It amazes me how following someone on Instagram can lead to great conversations and friendships.

After lunch we headed to check in at our hotel, the Beau Rivage!!  It was all fancy and stuff, decked out for the holidays.

We spent some time checking out the rest of the place too…

And then a sunset before dinner…

Dinner was with Valerie and her family… We had just ran the Pensacola Half Marathon together, so it was going to be nice getting to chat with her again so soon!!

Now, it’s what you all have been waiting for…RACE DAY!!!  

We were posing’ and picturing’ all over the lobby before heading to the conventions center to catch our shuttle to the start line!!

I texted our girl Erica as we were headed out and crazy enough we found her in the convention center parking lot.  I started calling out her name when I got out of the car and…she answered!!  We hugged, chatted and boarded the bus for the start line around 6a.



It was a chilly 39 degrees at race start and we were loving our mylar blankets, however we had to ditch them as we moved to the start line. We got to meet up with everyone (Tricia and Valerie said they found us by our antlers!!) before we all ran our own race and would meet up at the finish!!

The run was ALL along the beach!!! It was pretty much a straight run down until around mile 11.  And yes, we took a picture with the Mississippi sign…ICONIC!!

We ran a little more and ran into our IG friend Jonathan around mile 4.  He is a Half Fanatic and he is chasing the Sun!!  Good Luck Jonathan!!  I don’t even know where I’m at in Half Fanatics, I know my number is 7708!!  Of course a mile 5 shot and then…the tooth incident!!  If you follow us on IG, you know about the tooth…if not…here you go… The Shark shot was about mile 9 and we were ready for fresh gum, I go a packin’.  Well, it was a little hard from the cold temps and when Ricky G bit down on it he had a CROWN fall out (I have a picture!!)  It took a minute and a few cuss words but we worked through it and as you can see below…mile 10!!!


Not long after mile 10 they took us off of Hwy 90 and put us on a less travelled road to get us to the stadium.  Apparently, we were ready to be done because I can’t find any pictures from these few miles.  I remember passing by a cemetery, the guy in the crazy suit at the hydration station, the shuttle buses lined up to shuttle runners back to the convention center, AND…that turn taking us away from the stadium and out about a half mile to turn us around and bring us to the finish!!  It was great hearing the announcer and the cheers, then it all faded as made a left turn, but…after that turn around we were headed back to those cheers and  a finish line!!  And how special to have someone capture us waving to our  FANS!!!  Actually, we spotted our beloved InstaFam and was happy to see them.

Medals in hand, we were off to hang with everyone for a little while before heading out.

And what about the FREE race pictures…

and the Medal Monday shot…


We totally enjoyed this run, however…next year we will Uber to the start shuttles instead of trying to fight the traffic with the lane closures for the runners to fetch the car and get back before check out!!

Next up…WDW Half Marathon in January 2017!!


That’s a wrap…Week of December 26

I resolved to participate in the Weekly Wrap twice a month for 2017, hoping to make it a weekly thing once I get the hang of it!!

Sooooooo, here’s my first go for 2017…

Monday – Of course we start the day off with a run… 5 miles along beach drive before cawfee and some shopping!!


Tuesday – I had a 7:15a doctor appointment to discuss the results of my Metabolic Rate testing results.  TRUTH…I have gained 12 lbs in the last 8 months, 4 lbs since December 9 on the day of the testing!!  According to the test my metabolism is pretty fast??  We reviewed my thyroid medication and nothing was found that needed changing, soooo…Looks like hormones, age and menopause!!

According to my results:  What I Burn…Exercise 180 calories, Lifestyle/Activity 516 calories, and Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) 1728 calories.  How Much to Eat…Maintenance Zone 1728-2244 calories, Weight Loss Zone 1384-1728 calories, and Medically supervised Zone 0-1384 calories.  All of this from 10 minutes of breathing in a tube!!

I was basically told to increase my activity level and decrease my calories!!  Lady, have you seen my IG account??  I run, I run A LOT!!  I need calories to fuel those runs!!

I left not getting an answer as to why I would/could have such a rapid weight gain.  I consider this rapid for me because I had been the same weight since 2009 until April!!!  Mind blown.

I have resolved that I will keep a food diary and track  what goes in, I will add strength training back into my weekly workouts  and just come to terms with the fact that I’m not getting any younger.


Wednesday – Today was back to work day, but I think I was the only one there!!  I ended up leaving early and heading to the house to try and get my run in a little earlier than normal. It was a short one, 2 miles in the neighborhood and then a walk around the cut de sac with the puppy girl!!  It is still sooooo humid in the FL that I needed a shower to get unstick from that run!!

Thursday –  Took an impromptu rest day, but I can get up early and run tomorrow since I’m off!!!  Only 4 miles from 900 for the year!!!!!

But I  did make it to the grocery and gathered all the ingredients for Turkey Soup, a great way to use up leftovers from the holiday, and put in the Crock Pot.  I’m looking to this to get me started on the right foot for the New Year!!  It’s pretty healthy and will make for a good lunch.

img_5647Turkey Soup

1 small bag frozen collard greens
1 small bag frozen California vegetables
1 small bag frozen broccoli/cauliflower blend
All the leftover turkey, diced or shredded
Enough chicken broth to cover above ingredients
Your choice of seasoning (I used Tuscan seasoning)
1 box wild rice, prepared and added to pot

Cook on high 4 hours.




I also picked up some broccoli to steam in my Instant Pot!!  I picked this up post Black Friday for $67 on Amazon…what a deal!!  So far I have boiled eggs, made shredded chicken, boiled potatoes for mashed taters on Christmas (only took 10 minutes!!), and now steaming broccoli!!  I have a few other recipes that I plan to try using this gadget.



I love cooking with my POTS and hope to share some recipes throughout 2017…already thinking ahead!!

Friday – I took the day off to finish up some use or lose hours that wouldn’t rollover into the new year, which allowed me to sleep in and allowed me a morning  run since it finally decided to cool off in Florida!!

I went for a little under 4 miles, 3.6 to be exact, so I could share my 900th mile with the BF tomorrow as we try and get him to 2000 miles for the year.


I also had the privilege of visiting the DMV to purchase the tags for the vehicles for the coming year.  While I was there I asked about the documents needed to renew my license with it expiring soon and I have everything except a certified marriage certificate from a previous marriage!!  I have the divorce decree, but the marriage certificate is needed to verify names changes in proof of identity…who knew??!!  Not me!!  So, now I have to request the document and get a temporary license until the document comes in!!  Way to wait til the last minute…JODI!!

I also took the time to finally recap my last race of 2016, MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon.  I didn’t want to start the new year with something from the previous year waiting to be done!!  Go check it out if you already haven’t!!


Saturday – This morning we hit the road with the intent to get me to 900 miles and the BF to 2000 miles…mission accomplished!!  I wanted to stop around 9, but I stuck it out!!  I didn’t even vocalize my wanting it to end because I knew this meant a lot to him to make his miles.  I did not set a monthly or yearly goal for miles in 2016, but I had noticed after Wednesday run that I was 4 miles away from 900 miles and that I would be foolish not to at least try and make that mile marker!!


We pretty much farted the morning away…before we knew it it was 1p!!  We wanted to get the outside Christmas decorations down before the rain hit, don’t want to put the blow-ups away wet!!

We really hadn’t made any plans for New Year’s Eve, but had decided we could head to the beach for fireworks.

Squash that, the rain moved in and it wasn’t worth it to spend the time in the cool wet air being that we were going to Disney next week!!  So it was dinner at Outback and home to the couch, in the bed after 10p after falling asleep on the couch trying to watch 48hrs…I know, such the party animal!!

All in all it was an enjoyable last day of 2016.  I had decent miles for December and decent miles for the year!!


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!


That’s a wrap…

Okay…in the interest of trying something new and getting in a blog routine, I’m giving Tricia and Holly’s Weekly Wrap a go!! My goal is to participate twice a month, if I can keep up with that, then I will make it a weekly wrap!!

Here’s a look at last week…

I had been feeling a little discomfort in my left hip after last Sunday’s run so I pretty much was one with the couch until Wednesday.

Wednesday was a half day at work with the holiday approaching, so I got a run in prior to getting the hairs cut!!

3.10 miles in the neighborhood, followed by 5 inches off the ole noggin’!!

Thursday was a rest day cuz it’s long run Friday!!

The BF came over on Thursday night and we decided to get our long run for the week in on Friday versus Saturday.



Around mile 2, my shin left shin was really cranky!!  So of course I had to stop and give it a stretch.




We stopped to look at the goats…stinky!!


There were 10 miles on the agenda, but ended up with 11.04…we had to get back to the house!!


Saturday was a Bridge Run day…

We met our runner bud Kari at the Hathaway Bridge for a short festive run!!  Around here, running the bridge are the about the on HILLS that we get.  We managed 5.25 miles over the bridge and back!!




After our run, the BF and I headed to the house for breakfast with my boy before he went to his dad’s for the night.  Backed French Toast is our tradition on Christmas morning, but since the boy would be at his dad’s, we had it on Christmas Eve morning!!



And that’s a wrap…




Panama City Beach Half Marathon

This was a last minute add for me, with the BF being out of town and several IGers in town what’s a girl to do??  Run the Panama City Beach Half Marathon!!

Packet pick up was quick and simple at Dave and Busters.  I was there at opening and businesses were still setting up tables, but it didn’t look like there would be anything for purchase.

When you are attempting to get the perfect race bib picture to post, you end up with a few!!

img_4986That evening I was invited to dinner by Tricia (Misssippipiddlin), she was in town to run with 7 other IGers/Bloggers and enjoy a girls weekend on the Florida Gulf Coast.  I met all the girls at Red Brick Pizza at Pier Park, but by time I got there they were pretty much done eating and ready to head out.  Tricia, Holly and a couple others hung out in the booth while I waited for my order and watched me eat!!  Actually, it was great conversation and I was getting to know a few fellow IGers/Bloggers.  Holly (HoHoRuns) was hosting the girls and is was great talking with her about the area.  After dinner we walked to Starbucks for a cawfee, chatted a little more then headed off to prepare for the morning start.

Race start was at 7:30 and I was meeting Kari (1beachteacher) who was running the 5k and Tammie (tlove1967) who was coming in from TN with a couple other runners I would get to meet that morning.  Amanda is pictured below, and this was the only time I sawher!!  And I would meet Josie (joheady) at the after party.

Race start was on time!!  We headed out of Pier Park, hung a left and was running down Front Beach Road. There were glimpses of the Beach/Gulf the entire route.   We headed toward Pineapple Willys, ran past Spinnaker’s before turning around and heading back the same way we came.

I’m not used to taking all the pics, usually Ricky G is with me and I direct while he operates the camera!!

Around mile 10 I ran into Karen (karenrunsva), she was so fun!!  She was at dinner last night and learned that she could order ahead at Starbucks when she returned home!! She had just completed the Richmond Marathon and wasn’t sure what to expect in PCB, but she was truckin’!!

Just a little farther up the road was Tricia and MaryBeth (tutu_and_tennies) working on getting that PR!!

And they did just that…PR’d!!!

Since this took place in my back yard, I was able to spend a little more time at the after party than normal.  Usually, Ricky G and I are in the car and head back home not long after crossing the finish line.  Being able to hang out, I got to see Kari get 2nd in her AG for the 5k and Darlene (dsc59) win her AG for the Half Marathon.

Pictured below are almost all of the IGers/Bloggers I met this weekend…

Back:  Kari (upper left corner), Marcia (blue visor), Wendy (blue headband)

Center:  Tricia, Darlene, Holly and Tammie

Up Front:  Me and Josie

Not pictured:  Judy and Amanda


This was such a fun morning for a run and getting to visit with everyone!!  I hope to see you all on the road again sometime soon!! And thanks for sharing your GUwith me around mile 10 Tammie, you’re the best!!



Berlin Amish Country Half Marathon

My dad laughed at me when I told him we were going to run Amish Country while we were in OH for Thanksgiving!! He laughed even harder when I gave him the course route!! He laughed at me one more time as he looked around the High School hallway and saw that Rick and I were the only ones wearing the Hat and Beard given as race swag!!


The Berlin Amish Country Half Marathon is one of my favorite runs of 2016!! Two years ago we had seen runners posting about this race and decided that the next time we were in OH for Thanksgiving, we were running it!! Also, the fact that it was in my home state and I have never ran a race in OH made it a pretty special run.

My parents live about 1.5 hrs from Berlin, OH so is was and early alarm to make sure we arrived in enough time to pick up our bibs. The start/finish was at the local high school which was opened for us to stay warm prior to race start. To say that is was chilly…ummmm, these FL folk were cold!! The last time we ran a race with a beard it was added warmth to the face and neck. Oh, we were told to add 20-30 minutes to our expected finish time due to the hills…this should have been a clue!!

Race start was at 8a and we were off on time!! The parents and my son were off to eat breakfast while we were challenged by the hills of OH!!

Let me just say that we ran 9 hills before hitting the 3 mile mark!! Everything you think the Amish Country is, you see along the route. There were buggies, Amish families manning water stations and just out cheering us on, farms, cows, horses and lots of horse droppings on the road!!

Around mile 4 we ran into Amanda, fitnyxblogs on IG and hung out for about 4 miles. She had actually been rear ended on the way to the race this morning and needed a little cheering up!! As we ran and talked, she had already talked to my parents at the High School (because my mom told her about the other race with beards!) and we found that she is a race manager and if we are ever in Cleveland we need to look her up.

Around mile 9, little frozen things started hitting me in the face and I realized it was sleeting…how nice!! It didn’t last long, but that was a first during a race for me!! At mile 10 I texted my mom to let here know we were about 30 minutes out if they wanted to be at the finish!! Now, let’s talk about the HILL at mile 11!! I started around 11.25 (I looked at my watch) and didn’t end until pretty much mile 12…let’s just say I walked some, if not most of that hill!!

At mile 12 you could see the finish (and how lopsided my hat was after that last hill), but you also saw that it was a downhill to an uphill before another downhill that took you back on the track for the finish!! AND…I ran that last hill because I knew my parents were watching and I thought it may give my dad another laugh!! All in all, I counted 18 hills and Rick says he counted 19, so there are HILLS on this course!!  According to my Garmin Connect App, there was and elevation gain of 925ft and a max elevation of 1283ft!!! Ohhhhhh my glutes, calves and quads!!

After crossing the finish we were handed a bag tied with our medal that contained a block of Amish cheese, chocolate milk and 3 Magi Salve that would come in handy later…it’s like the RD had ran these hills before!! We made our way up the hill to the high school cafeteria for the post race fuel of Amish Hot Buttered Noodles!! These were the best thing ever…especially after a cold run.

We loved this race…hills and all!! So much so that we may just give it another go the next time we are in OH for Thanksgiving!!