A Louisiana Weekend with a Little Lagniappe…

***I started this post 2 weeks ago and then my son tested positive for Flu B, the Hubs ended up with a chest/head cold, and I was lucky to catch a respiratory/ear infection and head cold.  This knocked me on my butt and I did nothing, absolutely NOTHING.  So this post is later than I expected, but I’m getting it done!!

Louisiana Marathon Race weekend January 12-14, 2018

Friday we started what has become our annual road trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana for a full weekend of socializing and running!! It’s roughly a 4 hr drive from Pensacola and we planned on getting to the Expo around 2p.

We parked along the river like we always do and took a short walk to the Cane’s River Center.  We located our bib numbers and picked up our shirts and bags.  The last few years we have been doing a race on Saturday (5k/Quarter Note) and Sunday (Half/Full).  We rallied through the race merchandise area with only a hat and a cawfee mug!!  We stopped at the Community Coffee Truck for the King Cake flavored cawfee…first of the Mardi Gras season!!



Then we had all the fun at the photo booth with Karin and Gary!!  If you don’t know Gary, you need to!!  He is 400 to 26.2 on Instagram and has one heck of an inspirational story and is embarking on a new adventure in Colorado!!

Our girl Karin is on Instagram as runner girl_1210 and has become the bestests of buds!! She toughed out 26.2 miles in Chicago with the Hubs when I couldn’t run.  She was a trooper to listen to him for 5 hrs straight!!



We then made our way through the vendors, but I have to say that this year was much smaller than in the past.  Our only purchase was are shirts from 73 Threads and I must say…they know us.  Talking about the captions on our shirts!!!  Not to mention we picked up our Gasparilla shirts as well!!


We then ran into Jennifer (jenzenator) and the Race Announcer…Jeremy Pate!!  Jennifer is the sweetest and it was great getting to chat with her this afternoon.  Jeremy and Rick go back a few years in regards to media and Public Affairs.  It’s always comforting to hear his voice on race morning!!


Then is was off to dinner at Chimes near LSU and to ready ourselves for the freezing temps expected for race morning.

Saturday – Quarter Note…6.55 miles

Here we geaux…25 degrees at race start!!

The start was at 8a so we were able to stop for a SHORT cawfee on the way. We were lucky to find 4 packs of hand warmers in the checkout line at WalMart and I planned to keep mine in my gloves, as well as the side pockets of the shorts under my skirt.  Yes, I opted for NO PANTS…what was I thinking??  Maybe that I would look cool??  How about COLD!!


We sat in the car for a while until it was time to go meet all the friends!!  I did tie a mylar blanket around my waist to keep the legs warm until it was time to run.


It’s always fun to run into Jennifer, one of the race strategist that approached us on course in 2016 and told us that they loved following us…really it was the Hubs, I was in the port-a-potty!!  The McDonald’s (Wayne and Dee) are always a welcome sight and this year they brought the whole family out for the 5k.  I was excited to see Kansas (kansas2652) as we were walking to the start, we met her at MS Gulf Coast in 2016 and love seeing her!!  We finally met Erica’s friend Tre (thang_cay), we had only seen pictures until today!!  And our girl Erica (erica.runs31), she was one of the first friends for life that we met in 2016 and we make sure we get a little extra time with her.

And it’s Geaux Time…


In it for the finish!!  What is the Hubs doing to my fingers???


And we can’t forget the medal shot!!


We did change into warmer clothes to attend the Finish Festival, but I neglected to take any photos…who am I??  I’m thinking I didn’t want to take my gloves off??!!  But we did enjoy a bowl of Uncle Larry’s Gumbo before heading off for Café au Lait and Beignets.

Sunday – Half Marathon…13.1 miles

And 2 degrees warmer at race start today…27 degrees!!


Start was at 7a this morning, so no cawfee on the way, but we did get a cup from Community Coffee though, that’s the table behind us!!  The same drill with the hand warmers this morning, gloves and pockets, but I took a $5 WalMart blanket to the start line this morning…however, I did hand it off to someone in the crowd!!  We met up with Erica, Karin and Valerie (icecreamrunner) and headed to the start line where we ran into Jennifer!!


Remember Gary (400to26.2) from the expo??  Well he ran up on us at mile 1 and stuck with us until mile 2 when he had to stop for a photo for the costume contest!!  Thanks for the action shot Gary!!

I’m not gonna lie, it was cold, I was cold…so this is what we got along the way.  We stopped for Mike the Tiger at mile 4, struck a pose at mile 7 and Mimosas at mile 11…but of course!!!


And we brought it in for that finish line shot!!


The one of the best things about this Half, we got to run the whole 13.1 miles with Erica!!  There were times she would run ahead, but she always came back for us!!  We love you Erica!!


Same drill as yesterday, we went and put on warm clothes and headed over to the Finish Festival.  Once again, no photos??!!  But we did have Gumbo, Jambalaya, Marathon Salad and Vegan Roasted Vegetable Gumbo before heading over near the finish line to watch Karin finish the marathon.  On our way we ran into Shay (funrungirl13.1) and her husband Matt, who just finished his 1st Half!!  We met Shay in Nashville last year and hope to see her in Chattanooga in March.


And finish she did!!


And that’s a wrap on the Louisiana Marathon 2018!!  I’d like to say that we were party animals, but after Karin and her husband left, we ate and were in the bed at 7p!!  Until next year…

Let me know…

Do you hangout after a race?? Maybe for a friend to finish or maybe the after party or maybe both??  What’s the coldest temperature that you have run a race?  Do you dress for the weather or play it cool??

Next up…

Pensacola Double Bridge Run 15k

Author: My Kind of Fit

Race Addict, Fitness Lover, Runs with Hashimoto's, HypoThyroid Runner, Self-Proclaimed Foodie, Mother, and Air Force Veteran trying to "FIT" together the best possible ME.

21 thoughts on “A Louisiana Weekend with a Little Lagniappe…”

    1. I used to want to be fast and stuff, but I kept getting injured and decided that if I was consistent (would finish) I was good with that!! So I just quit beating myself up and started enjoying the people and the sites along the way. It did take a little convincing for the Hubs though, when we first started running together, he would get frustrated that I would walk through the water stops!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmmm that’s a good way to look at it as I don’t think I’m ever going to be fast! I’ll have to try that out! I just always push myself to run continuously when I’m out running, but maybe I should start incorporating some walking.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. When I was recovering from my surgery this fall, it used interval training, 4 min run 1 min walk and what was crazy was that my longer runs (10 miles +) were actually a little quicker. I can set the intervals on my watch so it would beep when the time is up, you can choose to run through a walk interval or vice versa. I believe it is all about finding what works for you.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I always dress for the weather; no playing it cool for me! lol. The hand warmers were a brilliant idea. I wish I would have thought of those for the race I ran in Utah last February where it was freezing at the start!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You know, we want to get to Texas for a run!! Seriously, we really do!! If we can make it work for this fall it would be great. We are in the process of putting my house on the market and looking for ‘our’ house, so it’s getting a little tough with the February race we have signed up for with not being able to tackle things on the weekend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t believe you wore a skirt in those temps. I did wear a skirt for Wineglass, but it was 10 degrees warmer (35) and I’m at least used to it! Nope, I most definitely dress for the weather.

    I think I’ve done a few races in the single digits — shorter races. Much shorter races!

    Good job getting it done!


  3. I love this! Congrats on another finish line. Looks like a very fun weekend 🙂 I ran Richmond one year in a skirt when it was that cold and I have a fun pic of a guy all bundled up next to me lol my butt was numb when I finished though! You would think most of time it would be a whole lot warmer south, but it seems this year you and Rick are running some cold races!
    I have rarely ever hung out after any races, PCB is one of the only ones. I did hang out this year after Richmond to watch marathoners come in and dang, it was hard in the cold.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The weather has been crazy this year!! You know how hawt it was in December for PCB and then January has just been cold, at least every time we have a long run!! We have been trying to make a point to enjoy the ‘after race’ festivities, we did pay for it so why not take part in it!! We hope to see you again soon!!


    1. I had to do the math too!! I think I ended up with 30 intervals would get me over 10 miles. I did notice that I could run .50 mile in 4 minutes and walk about .15 miles with the intervals. I hate that my Garmin does not show the time!! I was fortunate enough to have the Hubs along that could tell me!! I didn’t have a problem switching back to running without the intervals, I think everyone is different.


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