What’s going down… Food Prepping with the Instant Pot

Wow…I actually was home for a weekend to prep our meals for the week!!

This makes me sooooo HAPPY and using the Instant Pot makes me even HAPPIER!!

Here’s the quick run down…

Shredded Korean Beef with Sweet Potato and Sautéed Peppers from Fit Foodie Finds.  I thought my son was going to eat all this beef before I could get it packed up for lunches!! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making this again.

Sweet Potatoes can be tricky, but Sweet Peas and Saffron has a great guide on choosing the right time for the size of your Sweet Potato…lifesaver!!


Chinese Chicken with Broccoli from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen.  I’m not sure if I will make the Riced Cauliflower to go along with this, I’m not a fan yet!!


Paleo Tumeric Chicken Meatballs w/Green Tahini Sauce from Ambitious Kitchen.  I made the sauce per the directions, but mine didn’t turn out as green??!!  We will drizzle before eating.


For breakfast I’m going with a Spinach, Pineapple and Banana smoothie.

Cheers for the new week!!

Let me know…

Do you shy away from recipes with crazy ingredients??  What’s the weirdest ingredient that you have cooked with??


Week 8 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday –  4 miles / Lower Body



It was me and Ol’ Milly for this one… I managed 4.01 miles this morning.  I was confused when I posted to IG, I thought I was supposed to run on Tuesday, but I surprised myself and was right on plan!!  However, I really  need to get out of the habit of slacking on the strength training.

And I’m still enjoying my Treks Titanium Aftershokz!!


Tuesday – Yoga/Roll  Nope/Nada

I didn’t make time for a workout today, but I did make my appointment for my Mammogram and Ultrasound.  I am considered high risk, I have 4 breast cancer survivors in my family, my mom being one of them.  I was told that I have a 20% chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in my life, it doesn’t seem like a lot, but any percent is a lot when it comes to cancer.  This was my 18th year with this lovely machine (only 5 with the ultrasound) and I was given a thumbs up and told to come back and see them next year!!

Wednesday – 6 miles

I was up and excited for this run…WHY!!??  I received my Ink n Burn Aloha Mystery box!!!  I have been putting off  ordering  from them not knowing whether to trust the sizing chart or not.  My body has changed soon much in the last two years and sometimes you just don’t know what will work.  I DM’d several of their ambassadors on IG asking about sizing and in June I finally hit that ‘Place Order’ button!!  This company does a lot of preorders and it can take 6-10 weeks to receive your order… It was worth the wait.  There were 4 items in this mystery box: 6′ shorts, tank, s/s top and cooling towel.  I wore the tank and shorts this morning and love, love, love them!!  I plan to post a review on the items in the future.

But hey, I got my miles in in style and found a $1 on the run!!

Thursday – 4 miles / Upper Body

Ummmm, I thought twice about doing my run… I washed my hair this morning!!  The heat and humidity the gym do a number on it, but I’m training for the Chicago Marathon!!  Runner Hair, Don’t Care!!

Friday – Yoga / Roll   Nope / Nada… AGAIN!


But I finally was able to try the REESE’S Peanut Butter Doughnut from Krispy Kreme!!  Third time is a charm!!  Every time I would stop to try one, they were sold out.  The lady at the counter told me that they only produce so many, they have to clean the machines after each batch due to peanut allergies.  This was not a ‘Hot Now’ purchase and I think it may have been better if it was… Ate it anyway!!


Saturday – 14 miles   12 miles run / 1 mile walk

We were going to try something new today… Trails!!  Our friends Christy and Warren have been asking us to join them at the conservation park to run the trails for some time AND  the stars finally aligned!!!

We were up at 4a and headed to the park by 515a.  We drove through a pretty heavy rain shower, but by time we made it to the park it had passed.  As we were gearing up, here come another shower and it wasn’t passing too quickly!!  We were just about to call it when it let up.  After a short discussion, it was decided that we would take to the roads and head out Hwy 79 since the trails were now going to be a little messy and we didn’t want to mess with that, being our first time and all!!

We started around 7a which is a late start time for us, in FL, in the summer!!  We headed out crossing the food bridge and winding our way to the service road that connected to the Hwy.  Once on the Hwy, it was nothing but pavement and pine trees for 5+ miles till the turn around, ooohhhhh and the bridge, this bridge was a first for me (I love running bridges) and it was a steep one, but the view at the top was worth the climb!

We ran up and over and around and under before turning around for the trek back.  Lucky for me there was a gas station at the foot of the bridge that allowed for a pit stop.  It was the same views, different direction on the way back to the park, but I started wanting it to be over around mile 8!!  The sun was starting to burn through the clouds and I could feel the heat radiating around my head and shoulders.  At mile 9, we started using the 4:1 intervals thinking it might help with the last few miles??!!  I was starting to get lower back spasms that would shoot down my left glute and hamstring.  By mile 10, I just wanted to see the traffic light needed to cross back to the service road that would take us back to the car!!  Eventually, the traffic light appeared and we crossed the Hwy with 1.7 miles to the car, but I called it .27 miles into the 1.7!!  I walked that last mile… This run chewed me up a little!!  What could have not been a run at all turned into 12 of 14 miles!!  I’ll take it!!

There was an outside shower that we used to rinse off before changing and heading for food!!  We did decide that we would be back to try the trails and hope the weather would cooperate.  I managed to get a headache on the way back to the house, I felt like I was short-circuiting if that makes sense??  I ended up laying down and napping for 4 hours.  What was up with that ??

Sunday – Rest and Reset

And today was nothing short of exciting… Laundry and Food Prep!!  Yep, the life I lead is nothing less than exciting!!

Short and simple for this week’s menu:  IP Hard Boiled Eggs, IP Chicken Breast from A Pinch of Healthy, Orzo Pasta (loving this), Broccoli, and Fruit

I snapped pics of the different stages of cooking the chicken: Season, Saute, and pressure cooking on the Poultry setting.  I linked the recipe above with all the details.

All together now…


Let me know…

How are you getting through your long runs this summer training cycle??  What are you meal prepping??  Any special plans for the end of summer???

Week 7 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday4 miles / Lower Body  4.08 miles


Well, well, well…This run surprised me!!  I thought for sure that I would not feel like putting in the miles after our long run on Sunday, but it’s always nice to surprise yourself.  The strength training on the other hand, that didn’t happen!!  Come on, get on the bus Jodi!!  I had been doing so well, but I’m blaming it on Vegas!!  I needed a nap after work!!




TuesdayYoga / Roll

I have NOTHING!! I didn’t want to get out of the bed in the morning and I couldn’t get off the couch in the evening!!  Ummmm, still Vegas…maybe??!!

Wednesday6 miles  6.04 miles

So far, it’s been a week of SURPRISES (not all in the form of gifts!)!!  I received a few new Runningluvs as a wedding gift from Danielle and Dwight (owners) and can I just say I LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for thinking of Rick and I on our special day.

And don’t forget I have a discount code listed under the Discount Codes page if you find yourself needing one or two or three!!

Now, about that run… I surprised myself springing out of the bed to hit the road before it was light outside.  One of my neighbors was out walking and I ran up on her with my little light and scared her.  She was out with NOTHING, no light, NOTHING!!  And it is DARK on my circle..

Anyway, I did a loop around the neighborhood waiting for the light before heading down the highway.  I don’t like to hit the highway when it’s still dark, it seems drivers swerve/come my way in the light, I don’t want to add to the distraction in the dark with my little light and reflectors!!  Once on the highway, there is a sidewalk that parallels, it was a straight down and back 4 miles!!


Thursday4 miles / Upper Body  3.05 mile run / .5 mile walk

Well, I hit snooze and didn’t get up to do the Upper Body workout…SURPRISE!!  But, I did pack my gym bag and toted it to work and I did visit Ol’ Milly for 3.5 of my scheduled 4 miles!!

Once again, I was TIRED, my glute/hamstring hurt, and I cut it short!!!  I know, I can’t be cutting it short when I have 26.2 miles to run.  I was hoping the legz up the wall would help my back side a little, as well as a few other stretches I did before hitting the shower.

FridayYoga / Roll

Once again, I found the couch after work and finally updated my name on IG!!  I decided to go with my FB Fitness Page/Blog name to keep from having 3-4 different usernames on different Social Media platforms.  I hope it works??!!


Saturday12 miles  10 miles

This was my first run without the NOW Hubs in a while AND… I worked for these 10 miles dodging storms!!  I made it out a little after 5 am to tackle my long run.  About an hour into the run I stopped to take a gel and noticed this painted rock.  I don’t know about your area, but this has been the thing this summer across the FL panhandle.  Someone paints a rock, hides it, somewhat, you want it to be found and re-hid, the finder takes a picture and posts it in the FB group named on the back.  This was my second find this summer and I think it’s safe to say that I made a kids day by posting that their rock was found!!  I did, however have to leave this one in it’s place.  It was just too large and heavy to carry with me the rest of the way.


I went on about my run for about another .25 mile before my first downpour.  I ducked in under the overhang at the Sombrero Restaurant and waited until it let up, I headed east for another 2 miles before turning around to head home.  I made it up the road to Subway before taking cover due to thunder and lightning, I waited until there was about 10 minutes between claps before trying to make it to the next establishment!!  I was almost home when another downpour hit and the sky started lighting up!!  I made it to Naju/Dog Groomer and waited to see if it was going to let up and NOPE, it wasn’t looking like it on the radar!!  So I called #theBoy to come and pick me up.  So, 10 it was which was better than nothing at all.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around doing chores, then once it cleared up I headed out for errands and groceries.  Ohhhh, and I took a nap!!

Sunday – Rest and Reset

This day was made for laundry and food prep!!

On the Menu:  IP Hard Boiled Eggs, Sriracha Honey Glazed Turkey Meatballs w/Orzo pasta, carrots and 1/2 an avocado (added after warmed up), and Fruit.  I will add a banana and peanut butter before my TM runs.



I apologize for not being quick to respond to comments on my last post, but I’m headed to do that now!!  Muah!!

Let me know…

Do you use a muffin tin to make meatballs??  Do you even meatball??!!  How often do you look for new recipes for lunch or dinner?  Do you have a recipe I might like??  If so, share!!

And… How is training going, if you are training for an upcoming race?? Will I see you in Chicago??


Week 6 – Chicago Marathon Training / Wedding Week!!

Let’s see how it went…

Monday – 4 miles / Lower Body

Today we are flying to Las Vegas, we get married on Wednesday!!  But first, we run!! We were up early and managed 4.37 miles and then a jump in the pool!!  We were flying out of New Orleans and knew we wanted to leave early enough to spend a few hours in the Big Easy before we would see the Bright Lights of Vegas!!


We showered, loaded the car and headed out.  We were stopping in Daphne to have cawfee with our friend Jenny then on to NOLA!!  It was fun talking about all the things with Jenny, we last saw her and her husband, Erick, at the Rock n Fly Half Marathon back in March where we shut the race down because we had so  much to say!!


So, no we are on the road and our 3 hr road trip turned into a 5 hr road trip!!  Traffic was  stop and go for over 10 miles near Pascagoula, MS.  This was frustrating, very frustrating!!  We still made if with about an hour to explore, but we were hungry and knew with our 3 hr flight that we wouldn’t be eating until LATE!!  So we ate… at District Donuts!!  We shared 3 sliders, but each had our own donut… uhhhhh YES!!!  We had the Salmon Slider, The Avocado Slider and the Cheeseburger add Egg Slider.  I totally enjoyed  my Cookie Butter Bruder Donut… YUM!!

We made it to the airport, checked in with a little time to spare before we boarded… Next stop Las Vegas!!!



And we learned today… we are Ambassadors for the Chattanooga Marathon, March 2-4  2018!!  Use code JLTHORE 20% off for any distance EXCLUDING the Kid’s Fun Run.  I will add the code to the Race Discount tab as well!!



Monday isn’t over yet… We landed, taxied to the Polo Towers, checked in, dropped the bags and headed to the strip for In-N-Out Burgers!!!! So off we went!!  We were being tourist and walking Las Vegas Blvd aka, The Strip.  We walked to the fountains at the Bellagio, snapped a few other pictures, ate our burgers and headed back to get some sleep for a full day on Tuesday.  We walked a little over 3 miles round trip in Vegas on Monday.



TuesdayRest and Stretch  Walked 14 miles in Las Vegas!!

Today started with an 8:30a appointment to pick up our marriage license and our final consultation at The Vegas Wedding Chapel.  This time we were shuttled by limo to the chapel and then walked the block to get the license and met Rebecca, she was so the best knowing that she stays pretty busy at her job!! She was thorough in her job, there two items of my information that needed corrected and she was on it!!  Thank you Rebecca!!  We had our license and were back at the chapel for our final consultation with our planner Danielle.  We went over the order of events for the ceremony, viewed the venue and signed off that everything was what we wanted!!

Now it’s time to walk all the miles… Our driver Bob dropped us back at the room and we ready to scope out The Strip, it looks sooooo different in the day vs. night!!  We knew we wanted to go up in the  Eiffel Tower, but before we made the trek that way, let’s eat!!  We ended up at Shake Shak, cuz there is no way we could get in if we visit New York, and we shared the Hot Chicken and the Shack-cago Dog with Bacon Cheese Fries!!


Now we are fueled and ready for the day!!  We headed down The Strip for Paris.  Honestly, I had no idea that you could go up in the tower, thanks to Eric, an friend that we just happened to bump into on the MGM bridge, now we know.  The views were awesome and it was a cool 82 degrees with a light breeze at the top of the tower.  We also indulged in a Key Lime tart after the adventure.

We then headed back to the room, I needed a nap before we headed back out for dinner and lights!!  We ate dinner at the Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill in Caesars Palace.  We enjoyed the Truffle Fries, Chicken, Kale and Bacon Pot Pie and Shepherd’s Pie.  We then ventured through the shops and fountains of Caesars Palace.  I only managed to take a picture of my dinner, the Chicken Pot Pie!!


Wednesday / Wedding Day5 miles 5.05 miles

We were up and  out to beat the heat for our run this morning!!  We ran to the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and beck to the Towers!!  We had Red Velvet Pancakes and a Breakfast Burrito at the MGM American Cafe, which didn’t look like the picture, so I didn’t take a picture!!

We spent most of the afternoon in the room resting up for tonight’s events… I had my hair and makeup done by Glam Squad 702 and then it was a short time until we would head to the ceremony on The Terrace!!


We ended up having a few friends attend our ceremony and from all the texts and postings, we had a few Live Stream viewers as well!!  Hope and Allison are friends that used to be stationed in Florida, but were transferred to Nevada a few years ago and this was their FIRST Vegas Wedding!!  Stephanie and her husband, Joe, we met through Instagram!!  They were in Vegas for a conference and we told them to come on down!!  You can’t beat the Military and Running Communities!!

Favorite Picture…


Thursday4 miles / Upper Body   4.20 miles

We went for a run to the Vegas sign again before we headed to our appointment to view our ceremony photos, which you can tell from above that we had some really good photos!! I was trying to make my wedding hair last through tonight since we were going to a show!! I also ran in my wedding makeup which was a big mistake, my eyes were burning and felt all gummy by time we were finished.


We headed back out to The Strip for something to eat and a little shopping. We shared the Bacon, Egg and Swiss Cheese Crepe from 48th and Crepe in New York New York… this really hit the spot.  We had bought the Double Chunk Cookie with Peanut Butter Buttercream Filling from the Hershey store, we each had a bite and that was it… too rich for our liking!!

Next up… Cirque Du Solei O at the Bellagio… sporting the wedding hair!!


FridayRest and Stretch Travel

It was an early wake up to get to the airport and head back to the FL!!  We had our cawfee fix while waiting for a plane!!  Fifteen minutes before takeoff they took our aircraft out of service and told us it would take some time to find us an aircraft!!  What the What??!! Well, Southwest was on their game, it only took 30 minutes for them to find the aircraft and an hour later we were on our way!!  We landed in New Orleans and stopped for cawfee and food with our good friend Erica.  We got to catch up about her recent trip to England an of course… The Wedding!!  Once we left Erica it was a 5 hr road trip home.


Saturday11 miles Rest and Reset

I had to swap my weekend days this week.  I was just sooooo tired from all the weeks events that I wanted to sleep in.  We used Saturday to unpack, do laundry and catch up on chores!!  Exciting, I know!!

Sunday – Rest and Reset  12.29 miles

And today we ran… It was a rough first 4 miles, but once we found a bathroom the run got better!  I was still tired and at mile 9.77 we stopped at the marina store for a baby Coke and I convinced Ricky G. to sit on the bench for a few minutes.  Those last 2 miles seemed to take FOREVER, but that we got it done!!  We spent the rest of the day trying to catch up on social media from all of the week’s events and I am still behind on IG comments!!  I did not food prep today which means I will need to make GOOD choices this week!!


Did you notice the time on the clocks??  It took us 2:34 to run those miles, however we farted around A LOT this morning!!!

And there you have it…

Let me know…

When you travel do you have a plan or just wing it??  If married, did you have a ‘destination’ wedding??  Do you run during your travels??  Do you pack your fuel/hydration of do you purchase on the go??


Week 4 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday – 3 miles / Lower Body Planks

I logged my miles on ‘Ol Milly and I thought I did a lower body workout, but all I can find (what I posted to IG!!) is the planks that I did after my run.

Tuesday – Yoga/Roll



I just took the plastic wrap off of this Yoga DVD that is circa 2004, maybe 2005??!!  And I know why…this was HARD!!!  I think I may have watched a preview and that is why it just set on the shelf, but there were several poses/transitions that I just couldn’t do.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to put this one on repeat until I get it down!!



Wednesday5 miles 4.03 miles



Wednesdays are my go in late days!!  I got my new boss to agree to let me take my lunch hour first thing in the morning so I can run the streets vs. the mill…it worked out great today!!



Thursday – 3 miles / Upper Body

Back on ‘Ol Milly for 3 again today and some stretching afterwards.


Friday – REST and Stretch

Yep! Pretty much did nothing!!

Saturday – Long Run / 8 miles 9.92 miles

I packed the vest for the run.  The longer the miles, the more time in the heat and humidity which means more fuel and hydration.  I will say that I’m liking the NUUN Performance Powder.  This was the second time that I had used it and I didn’t feel the need for that second gel!!  I think I may need to do a post on “What I Pack in my Vest!!”??? Maybe???

I tried 3 NEW things on this run… 1. Trekz Titanium Aftershokz.  I will listen to music when running solo, but normally when I’m running with the soon to be Hubster, we are sans music…we talk…HE talks A LOT!!  These headphones sit on the outside of the ear and allow you to hear ambient noise, meaning I didn’t miss a word he said this run!!!  2.  Rock My Run. I hadn’t downloaded a playlist to my phone, so I thought I would give this app a try.  I chose FitFuel Vol. 5, that plays at 130 bpm and I kinda liked it!!  I will say that I would have to catch my breath every few words because the bpms were making me pick up my pace a little!  3.  Intervals. I had been wanting to try intervals for a while and see what all the hype was about, soooo I figured out how to set them on my Garmin and convinced the soon to be Hubster that we were using them on our run!!  I originally programmed 3:1 minute intervals but upped it to 4:1 because 3 minutes didn’t seem like a long enough time to run.

Below are the comparisons from the last two weeks, I know the miles are .13 off, but they are pretty darn close.  The first is with out intervals but with sporadic walk breaks.  The second is the 4:1 intervals, timed walk breaks.  Can you see that almost 14 minute time difference??!!  Who knew??!!  And I didn’t feel that I needed a nap afterwards, actually I think his words in the afternoon were ‘I can’t believe you haven’t taken a nap!’  But I think we may give this interval thing another try to see if it was just a fluke or not.

Sunday – REST and RESET

I am succeeding with my Sunday plan so far!!  I stayed in the bed while the soon to be Hubster went for a run, he tried to convince me to come along, but I held strong and stayed put!!  It was a gloomy Sunday, so no beach but I did get a lot of stuff done that I had been putting off.  We even binged watched 6 episodes of Stranger Things (I had never watched, but everyone else had!!)!!

Meal Prep doubled as Sunday dinner and my weekly lunches!!  BONUS!!

On the menu… Instant Pot Shredded Mexican Chicken, Black Beans, Avocado, Instant Pot HB Eggs(NP), Grapes and Kiwi(NP) and Pre-run Banana and Peanut Butter(NP).

Let me know…

Do you run intervals??  If so, what ratio do you use??  Have you see an improvement in your run time or maybe a PR??  Do you want to know what I pack in my vest??

Week 3 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday3 miles / Lower Body   6.2 miles



Last week, I lost 3 miles for only running the 5k and not wanting to finish the other 3 miles after visiting with our Runner Buds after the race… so I made up those 3 miles this morning!!



Tuesday –  Yoga/Roll     Sandy Shoes 5k

This was a last minute sign up to a holiday 5k, so once again I neglected to Yoga/Roll and opted for a run!! We met up with Christy and W who introduced us to Traci, it’s always great to meet new runners.  Christy and W are on their way to Cordova, Alaska as I type to visit family and run a Half on Saturday…soooooo jealous!!

Wednesday4 miles    5 miles


Well this was not on purpose…I totally looked at Week 4 and sooooooo I did next week’s 5 miles vs. this week’s 4!!  Ol’ Milly and I are becoming good friends, however someone needs to adjust the temp in the unit’s gym.  The best things about this run, it’s done and the sun was not beating down on me.




Thursday3 miles / Upper Body   Total Body



Today I had to have my Blacklisted Electrical Box replaced to avoid being dropped by my homeowner’s insurance, I need to make sure everything electrical worked…like the DVD player!!  I decided that I would just do a full body workout since I missed my lower body on Monday and needed an upper body workout today…but I opted out of my run!!



FridayYoga/Roll   REST



Waving off Friday like this couple waving the flags near the finish of the Sandy Shoes 5k!!




Saturday7 miles   10 miles

This run was such a chore for me!!  I started dreading it as soon as the alarm went off!!  I am not ready to be back in the double digits just yet!!  Below are pictures from our route through the Cove, Downtown Panama City and St. Andrews.


Of course we went for cawfee afterward, but for some reason it wasn’t the pick up that I needed.  After a shower, I felt that I needed to lay down…FOUR…FOUR, that’s right FOUR HOURS later I finally felt that I was ready to get off the couch and do something.  I slept the entire time, except for when my son called and I moved from the bed to the couch!!

The heat and humidity are no joke in the south, anywhere for that matter.  We had hydration, fuel and money to stop at the marina for a Coke (him not me!), plus we were on the road a little after 5 am!!  This weather is sucking the life out of me!!

Saturday – Rest and Reset

I was up early for Food Preppin’!!  We had plans to meet friends at the beach so I knew I had to get it done before we left or it wouldn’t happen!!

This week’s menu: Avocado Chicken Salad on Flour Tortilla, Sweet Potatoes,  and Grapes.  I will also have a Banana and Peanut Butter before my runs this week.

Let me know…

How do you handle summer training??  Do you take the summer off and start back in the fall?? 

Week 2 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday3 miles/Lower Body  REST



TuesdayYoga/Roll  3 miles

I may be getting the hang of this treadmill running!!  It’s just as hawt in this gym, but I don’t have the sun beating down on me.. that’s a plus for summer training.






Wednesday – 4 miles

Yay!!!  Today is the first (and ONLY) day this week that I actually followed what’s on the PLAN, but it’s only a guide…RIGHT??!!





Thursday – 3 miles / Upper Body  Full Body Sculpt

I figured why not make up for the Lower Body that I skipped on Monday!!  I forgot that The FIRM Express had cardio burst… I will not forget this in the future!!



Friday – REST and Stretch

I worked half a day and headed to Pensacola to run and spend the weekend with the BF!!

Saturday6 miles 3.11 miles / Ronald McDonald Firecracker 5k

We ran this race last year and it was HAWT!!!!! I lost my shirt at some point and had to stop right before the finish line because I couldn’t catch my breath, well…

Things were different this year!!  I kept my tank on and had no breathing/heart issues!!  We shared the road with 1beacheteacher and ultra.teacher as well!!  Runner Buds make the miles more fun!!

The afternoon we spent at Pensacola Beach and then stopped to visit with icecreamrunner and her family who are camping at the beach this weekend.  We were supposed to have dinner with Valerie and her family on Monday, but I got my days/dates mixed up and now that’s not happening!  However, we did stop, chatted about all things racing/injury/recovery/family and VEGAS Wedding!!  I hope your back gives you a break soon Valerie… no pun intended!!

Sunday – REST and RESET

Well I got the rest thing down!!  I laid in the bed while the BF accomplished his stretching and chores!!  We enjoyed breakfast at 5 Sisters Blues Cafe… The Sisters Benedict with Fried Green Tomatoes.  The empty plate in the background had Beignets w/Carmel Sauce and Powered Sugar on them, but they didn’t last long enough for a picture!!

And we stopped for Szotski’s Cheesecakes on the way back. Starting with the top left: Mango Habanero (this has an afterburner!!), Banana Nutella, Goat Cheese with Pears and Pecans, O.M.G, Sonya’s Southern Sweet Potato (the best!!!) and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

We did not finish the box!!  We actually quarter them and share… it makes them last longer, except for the Sweet Potato… GONE!!

Also, this week closed out the June miles…

On the calendar… The single bars represent my runs, the double bars represent run/cool down walks, and the ONE with the tree bars represent a run/cool down/manual entry of .44 miles for when I failed to start my watch… it happens!!

No Food Prep this week due to the short holiday work week!!

Let me know…

How are you spending the 4th of July?  Do you have any new goals or races for July???