Week 9 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday – Run and Lower Body  4.10 miles


Honestly, I don’t want to ever sweat again!!!  This summer training…I’m over it!!  The Hubs was working from PC this morning, so that allowed us to get out for our Monday miles.

4.10 miles at 4:30a…AND it’s still a sweat fest!!

We are actually at that point of summer that it doesn’t even cool off overnight…it’s 82°!!!



Tuesday – Rest and Stretch

Got the rest thing going on…wanting/doing everything Chicago!!  We are registered for the Chicago 5k on Saturday!!  Of course I want to run the day before a marathon…why not, we’ll be out walking the streets all day sightseeing, we’ll just start off with a shore run!!

Also, I had to buy the Procompression Chicago Marathon sock!!  Uhhhhh, YESSSSSSS!!  Now to coordinate a top and bottom to go with them.

Wednesday – Run  7.70 miles

Mid-week longish run of 7 miles on the plan, but I overshot that a little!!  I ran almost 2 miles in the neighborhood before heading out on the Hwy for the rest.  I run the sidewalk that parallels the Hwy, but I like for it to be somewhat light out before heading that way.  I use my headlamp starting out because there are several DARK patches along the road and I have a thing about seeing what’s in front of me!!

Also, can I say AGAIN how much I’m loving these Ink n’ Burn shorts!!

If you follow me on IG you know my #puppygirl won’t look at the camera!!  All I get is the doggy butt!!

Thursday – Run and Upper Body  4.06 mile




It was me and Ol’ Milly today for those Thurday miles!!  This was my last 4 mile on the plan, Monday and Thursday bump to 5 miles next week.  I think that may be my limit on the TM!!  I find it hard getting 4 miles in with music and the T.V.!!  But, what’s another 10-11ish minutes with Milly??!!



Saturday – Long Run  16 miles  15.59 miles

Sound the ALARM…up, dressed and out the door to tackle all the miles at 5a!!  Like I said on Monday, I don’t ever want to sweat again!!!!  We were running a route that we used in 2015 during out marathon training, however that took place in November/December when temps were much cooler.

Anyway, we started at the Panama City Marina and were headed out 8 miles that would take us into Panama City Beach.   We ran along Beach Drive, through St. Andrews, up to and out Hwy 98.  Around mile 5 someone had deposited a shopping cart in what used to be a drive way to really nice restaurant and hence…shenanigans!!  Of course I needed a push on the cart!!  Hey, these long runs need to be entertaining.  We made it to the top of the Hathaway Bridge and snapped a picture.  We carried on to mile 8 and stopped to refuel and hydrate for the run back.  Of course, the gel pack got stuck to my gum and I knew you guys would love to see that!!  Runner Problem #12368…

Coming off the bridge on the way back the Hubs realized that he was out of NUUN.  Luckily, there are plenty of businesses along this route so we stopped at a gas station and purchased a Gatorade and a Coke.  Remember my What’s in a Vest post??  Well I also pack some cash!!  He put the Gatorade in his bottle and we shared the Coke…so refreshing as it was soooooo COLD!!!  We headed back to St. Andrews and the sun was out full force already.  As we were approaching the Farmers Waterfront Market I saw a sign for Sno Cones (they call them Sno Biz??) and guess what ??  We shared a Pink Lemonade Sno Biz before going for the last 2 miles.  Soooo, we had to get a picture with the Sno Biz guy, but the Hubs had apparently deleted his camera app somewhere between the Coke and the Sno Biz which lead to a small freak out session before snapping a picture with the camera in the IG app.  He copped a squat and regrouped before running on!!!

Sooooo, in the last mile someone had their sprinklers on!!  This was great!!  But, soon after I could not get my heart rate to slow and it was getting hard to catch my breathe.  I think the heat and humidity were working against me.  This time it was my turn to sit down…at 15.59 miles and I didn’t run it out.  The hubs waited til my breathing was under control then he ran to the corner to finish up (with my blessings!!).  I slowly started walking back to the car, soooo slow that my watch kept pausing!!  Now that’s funny!!   I truly think that I have been stuck at the 13-14ish mile mark with all the half marathons we had been doing that it was a shock to my system.  And I’m sure the weather played a part, like I said…I don’t ever want to sweat again.

On a positive note, I had NO chaffing!!  None. Nada!!!

Sunday – Rest and Reset

I slept in while the Hubs did a short run and then it was beach time.


On the Menu:  IP Hard Boiled Eggs, Siracha Honey Glazed Turkey Meatballs, Brown Rice, Salad w/Feta, Black Olives and Avocado and Grapes

I am using the leftover meatballs from a couple of weeks ago for this week!!  I boiled my eggs and rice (not together!) and assembled my salad for the week…Easy Peasy!!  I apologize for the meatballs looking frosty, but I literally took them out of the freezer and put them in the dish to thaw in the fridge.


Let me know…

How are you chaffing this summer??  What do you use to stop the chaff??  


Week 7 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday4 miles / Lower Body  4.08 miles


Well, well, well…This run surprised me!!  I thought for sure that I would not feel like putting in the miles after our long run on Sunday, but it’s always nice to surprise yourself.  The strength training on the other hand, that didn’t happen!!  Come on, get on the bus Jodi!!  I had been doing so well, but I’m blaming it on Vegas!!  I needed a nap after work!!




TuesdayYoga / Roll

I have NOTHING!! I didn’t want to get out of the bed in the morning and I couldn’t get off the couch in the evening!!  Ummmm, still Vegas…maybe??!!

Wednesday6 miles  6.04 miles

So far, it’s been a week of SURPRISES (not all in the form of gifts!)!!  I received a few new Runningluvs as a wedding gift from Danielle and Dwight (owners) and can I just say I LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for thinking of Rick and I on our special day.

And don’t forget I have a discount code listed under the Discount Codes page if you find yourself needing one or two or three!!

Now, about that run… I surprised myself springing out of the bed to hit the road before it was light outside.  One of my neighbors was out walking and I ran up on her with my little light and scared her.  She was out with NOTHING, no light, NOTHING!!  And it is DARK on my circle..

Anyway, I did a loop around the neighborhood waiting for the light before heading down the highway.  I don’t like to hit the highway when it’s still dark, it seems drivers swerve/come my way in the light, I don’t want to add to the distraction in the dark with my little light and reflectors!!  Once on the highway, there is a sidewalk that parallels, it was a straight down and back 4 miles!!


Thursday4 miles / Upper Body  3.05 mile run / .5 mile walk

Well, I hit snooze and didn’t get up to do the Upper Body workout…SURPRISE!!  But, I did pack my gym bag and toted it to work and I did visit Ol’ Milly for 3.5 of my scheduled 4 miles!!

Once again, I was TIRED, my glute/hamstring hurt, and I cut it short!!!  I know, I can’t be cutting it short when I have 26.2 miles to run.  I was hoping the legz up the wall would help my back side a little, as well as a few other stretches I did before hitting the shower.

FridayYoga / Roll

Once again, I found the couch after work and finally updated my name on IG!!  I decided to go with my FB Fitness Page/Blog name to keep from having 3-4 different usernames on different Social Media platforms.  I hope it works??!!


Saturday12 miles  10 miles

This was my first run without the NOW Hubs in a while AND… I worked for these 10 miles dodging storms!!  I made it out a little after 5 am to tackle my long run.  About an hour into the run I stopped to take a gel and noticed this painted rock.  I don’t know about your area, but this has been the thing this summer across the FL panhandle.  Someone paints a rock, hides it, somewhat, you want it to be found and re-hid, the finder takes a picture and posts it in the FB group named on the back.  This was my second find this summer and I think it’s safe to say that I made a kids day by posting that their rock was found!!  I did, however have to leave this one in it’s place.  It was just too large and heavy to carry with me the rest of the way.


I went on about my run for about another .25 mile before my first downpour.  I ducked in under the overhang at the Sombrero Restaurant and waited until it let up, I headed east for another 2 miles before turning around to head home.  I made it up the road to Subway before taking cover due to thunder and lightning, I waited until there was about 10 minutes between claps before trying to make it to the next establishment!!  I was almost home when another downpour hit and the sky started lighting up!!  I made it to Naju/Dog Groomer and waited to see if it was going to let up and NOPE, it wasn’t looking like it on the radar!!  So I called #theBoy to come and pick me up.  So, 10 it was which was better than nothing at all.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around doing chores, then once it cleared up I headed out for errands and groceries.  Ohhhh, and I took a nap!!

Sunday – Rest and Reset

This day was made for laundry and food prep!!

On the Menu:  IP Hard Boiled Eggs, Sriracha Honey Glazed Turkey Meatballs w/Orzo pasta, carrots and 1/2 an avocado (added after warmed up), and Fruit.  I will add a banana and peanut butter before my TM runs.



I apologize for not being quick to respond to comments on my last post, but I’m headed to do that now!!  Muah!!

Let me know…

Do you use a muffin tin to make meatballs??  Do you even meatball??!!  How often do you look for new recipes for lunch or dinner?  Do you have a recipe I might like??  If so, share!!

And… How is training going, if you are training for an upcoming race?? Will I see you in Chicago??


Week 5 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let's see how it went…

Monday – 3 miles / Lower Body

We hit the road bright and early, 4:26a to be exact!!  There was just a sprinkle when we started, but my mile 2.5 it was a total downpour!!  Let me just say…being pelted in the face by blowing rain is not the same as the shower hitting your face post run…just saying'!!



TuesdayYoga / Roll  Full Body Workout



I skipped (code for didn't do) my lower body workout yesterday so I opted for a total body workout today.  I did not yoga or roll but there was plenty of stretching at the end of this workout.





Wednesday – 5 miles


If you read my What's in a VEST?? post I mentioned about being dependent on GUM when running these days, well this is the run that I found that out!!  I depend on it to occupy myself, switching the wad from check to check, trying to figure out at what mile it will be time for a replacement, trying not to swallow when taking a gel or gulping your drink…it is a form or entertainment for me!!



Thursday – 3 miles / Upper Body

And I managed to log what was on the plan today…SURPRISE!!  I was able to get my upper body workout done before heading to work and put the miles in with 'Ol Milly mid morning!!

Friday – REST and Stretch

Resting up for the long run on Saturday, but had to share these adorable cookies that I'm sharing with the office!!  We are headed to Vegas to get married next week!!


Saturday – Long Run 10 miles

We tried to get out before 5a, but it was a little after.  We were able to see the beautiful sunrise, but we were spent after 6.5 miles and it shows in the bridge photo!! We were at a little over 8 when I found myself contemplating whether to call it and walk back to the car.  We ended up sticking it out, the soon to be Hubster ran ahead to the marina trying to get 14 miles and I ended up making it to the park before turning around and waiting for him to catch up!!  He ended with 12.15 miles and I was able to get 11.43!!  The humidity was not playing well with others this morning, but we got it done!!


Sunday – REST and RESET

Things went as planned for Sunday!!  We are packed and ready to head out to Vegas in the morning!!  Going to the Terrace and we're going to get married!!

Let me know…

Have you ever been to Las Vegas??  If so, what time of year did you go??  Do you have a favorite show/restaurant/activity in Las Vegas?? 


Week 4 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday – 3 miles / Lower Body Planks

I logged my miles on ‘Ol Milly and I thought I did a lower body workout, but all I can find (what I posted to IG!!) is the planks that I did after my run.

Tuesday – Yoga/Roll



I just took the plastic wrap off of this Yoga DVD that is circa 2004, maybe 2005??!!  And I know why…this was HARD!!!  I think I may have watched a preview and that is why it just set on the shelf, but there were several poses/transitions that I just couldn’t do.  Oh well, I guess I’ll have to put this one on repeat until I get it down!!



Wednesday5 miles 4.03 miles



Wednesdays are my go in late days!!  I got my new boss to agree to let me take my lunch hour first thing in the morning so I can run the streets vs. the mill…it worked out great today!!



Thursday – 3 miles / Upper Body

Back on ‘Ol Milly for 3 again today and some stretching afterwards.


Friday – REST and Stretch

Yep! Pretty much did nothing!!

Saturday – Long Run / 8 miles 9.92 miles

I packed the vest for the run.  The longer the miles, the more time in the heat and humidity which means more fuel and hydration.  I will say that I’m liking the NUUN Performance Powder.  This was the second time that I had used it and I didn’t feel the need for that second gel!!  I think I may need to do a post on “What I Pack in my Vest!!”??? Maybe???

I tried 3 NEW things on this run… 1. Trekz Titanium Aftershokz.  I will listen to music when running solo, but normally when I’m running with the soon to be Hubster, we are sans music…we talk…HE talks A LOT!!  These headphones sit on the outside of the ear and allow you to hear ambient noise, meaning I didn’t miss a word he said this run!!!  2.  Rock My Run. I hadn’t downloaded a playlist to my phone, so I thought I would give this app a try.  I chose FitFuel Vol. 5, that plays at 130 bpm and I kinda liked it!!  I will say that I would have to catch my breath every few words because the bpms were making me pick up my pace a little!  3.  Intervals. I had been wanting to try intervals for a while and see what all the hype was about, soooo I figured out how to set them on my Garmin and convinced the soon to be Hubster that we were using them on our run!!  I originally programmed 3:1 minute intervals but upped it to 4:1 because 3 minutes didn’t seem like a long enough time to run.

Below are the comparisons from the last two weeks, I know the miles are .13 off, but they are pretty darn close.  The first is with out intervals but with sporadic walk breaks.  The second is the 4:1 intervals, timed walk breaks.  Can you see that almost 14 minute time difference??!!  Who knew??!!  And I didn’t feel that I needed a nap afterwards, actually I think his words in the afternoon were ‘I can’t believe you haven’t taken a nap!’  But I think we may give this interval thing another try to see if it was just a fluke or not.

Sunday – REST and RESET

I am succeeding with my Sunday plan so far!!  I stayed in the bed while the soon to be Hubster went for a run, he tried to convince me to come along, but I held strong and stayed put!!  It was a gloomy Sunday, so no beach but I did get a lot of stuff done that I had been putting off.  We even binged watched 6 episodes of Stranger Things (I had never watched, but everyone else had!!)!!

Meal Prep doubled as Sunday dinner and my weekly lunches!!  BONUS!!

On the menu… Instant Pot Shredded Mexican Chicken, Black Beans, Avocado, Instant Pot HB Eggs(NP), Grapes and Kiwi(NP) and Pre-run Banana and Peanut Butter(NP).

Let me know…

Do you run intervals??  If so, what ratio do you use??  Have you see an improvement in your run time or maybe a PR??  Do you want to know what I pack in my vest??

Aftershokz…giving them a go!!!

“Disclaimer: I received the AfterShokz Trekz Titanium to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!”

I’m so excited for my first product review as a BibRave Pro Ambassador and what better product to receive than the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium while training for the Chicago Marathon!!

Never fear, I plan to give you the down and dirty, the good , the bad and the ugly as I plan to wear these babies on my short, long, and TM runs.  Give me a few weeks and I’ll give it to you straight!!!



And if you can’t wait for my review…

Use code “FREECASE” for a BONUS portable storage case when you use this link http://bibrave.aftershokz.com/.

Let me know…

Do you have a favorite brand of earbuds/headphones, wireless or corded that you prefer??


Sports Bra Review – Sturdy Girl

It’s been a minute since I asked my fellow IGers for sport bra recommendations, but never fear… It’s here!! I wanted to wear the Sturdy Girl Santa Monica a few times before I gave my two cents!!

Let me just say…I was/still am a Brooks Juno Girl (I don’t remember who made it before Brooks!).  Currently, I have been chaffing like crazy with this bra and thought I would ask for recommendations/alternatives.

img_9341First I ordered the Sturdy Girl Las Vegas style in my ‘regular’ day to day bra size, 36 D, as recommended.  It took about four days to receive my order, these ladies are quick!  I must have had this bra off and on about ten times…I just didn’t know.  The bra came with instructions on how to put it on and adjust the girls once in the bra, it even said that it would stretch to fit??

Well, I finally decided that this was just not going to work.  If I was not comfortable just standing still in it, there was no way it would work for a run.  I felt VERY constricted.  I looked uncomfortable, I was overflowing from the front and under the arms (I wish I would have taken a picture of that!).

Then…it sat on my dresser for, ummmm about 2 weeks.  They have a 30 day return policy!!  But, I received an email for their Summer Sale and bras were 30% off!!  Let’s give this another try!!

This time I ordered the Santa Monica style.  I went up a cup and band size, 38DD!!!

I’m in love…

I wore the bra for several short runs around the neighborhood before I took it to the races!!

It stood the test of rain at the Anchors Away 6k.

And I was really impressed by it’s performance during the Hotlanta Half Marathon…heat, humidity and hills!!



You can see by the pictures that this bra is no kidding Full Coverage, it’s viewable under my tanks.  I love that it covers more of the under/side arm area!!  Minimal BOUNCE…bonus!! I also wanted you to see what it looked like from the back…I’m diggin’ it!



And…the one that didn’t work that I eventually returned, they’re just as speedy with that.  My return was processed and the funds deposited to my account within the week…Thank you!!

Just a few more things… My IG/IRL Runner Buds, erica.runs31 and icecteamrunner both ordered their regular bra size (not sure of the style) and it worked for them.  I paid $64 for the non-sale bra and $44.80 for the sale bra, I also received free shipping on both.

A few snaps from Global #SportsBraSquad Day!!

I see a few more of the Sturdy Girls Santa Monica style bra in my future.


Let me know… Do you have a sports bra that you would recommend??  How long is the life expectancy of your sports bra??  What is your price limit for a sports bra??


What Went Down…the Weekend

Saturday – We started our weekend off by running the Eglin AFB Gate to Gate, my 4th and his 2nd.  This year they moved the start time up an hour, THANK YOU!!  It always seems cool waiting at the start, then you get out on the loop and the heat/humidity slap you in the face!   This was a short one for us, but we had the chance to share the road with a few #runnerbuds.

We start at the park and head out to the All Wars Memorial.  I love that the organizers provide flowers to lay/drop at the memorial for those that died during their service in the armed forces.  The course for the 10k continues on as the 4.4 milers take a right to head toward the BX, the hill and then the FINISH!!

We hung for a few and chatted with the #runnerbuds and then it was off to Run with It on our way to PCola.  This running store offered a 20% discount if you brought your bib in after the race, so of course we needed to stop to see if there was anything that we needed!!  We walked out with a pair of OOFOS each and I had to pick up some Sport Shield.


Then it was time to hit the road.  We made it to PCola, showered and headed to eat at George Artisan Bakery and Bistro.   I had the Croissant Sandwich; thick cut bacon, cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs on a toasted croissant w/roasted parmesan truffle potatoes.  He had the GL BLT; toasted artisan bread, thick cut bacon, lettuce, tomato and roasted garlic bacon aioli w/roasted parmesan truffle potatoes. I apologize that we were hungry and ate before we thought about taking a picture!!


We then headed back to the apartment for me to take a nap to prepare for the Blue Wahoo baseball game we were attending that evening!!

The ballgame started at 630p, this would be my first minor league baseball game!!  I was amazed at how much baseball lingo I knew…I don’t know baseball, but I knew RBI, single, double, triple and home run!!  Our seats were just right of the Wahoo dugout, prime target area for foul balls!!  There were two people who took a foul to the head and the paramedics had to tend to them…crazy! I didn’t know this was so dangerous.  The game got a little exciting in the top of the 8th (more lingo) when the batter that got out at first base stepped on the first baseman’s foot and this cleared the away bench!!  Then the next batter attempted a backbend on his second pitch saying the pitcher was trying to hit him!!  Oh my…  Then everyone started standing and cheering, apparently if this batter was out the Wahoos would win without going to bat again!!  I’m learning so much!!

At the end of the Saturday games, they have fireworks!!  AND  one of the Wahoo players proposed to his girlfriend on the field with the fireworks as a backdrop!!  Overall, first game was a good game, I would go again but not in the heat of the summer in FL!!

Sunday – We headed back to PC, but had to stop at Panni Pete’s in Destin for beignets!!  We had their beignets in Fairhope, AL after a half marathon in December and have been wanting to have them again.  They opened in Destin in April so we HAD to stop!!


Once to the house it was all business; laundry, grass cutting, planting, etc.

Monday – Of course today is the day that we remember those that died during service in the armed forces; Memorial Day.  We went for an early morning 7 mile run, followed by cawfee.  We enjoyed a few hours on Mexico Beach with all the out-of-towners while learning about the Go Pro from our neighbor on the sand!!  We might have to invest in one??!!  We had grilled burgers with baked beans and watermelon for dinner.

And that’s a wrap…

How was your weekend??