Week 7 – Chicago Marathon Training

Let’s see how it went…

Monday4 miles / Lower Body  4.08 miles


Well, well, well…This run surprised me!!  I thought for sure that I would not feel like putting in the miles after our long run on Sunday, but it’s always nice to surprise yourself.  The strength training on the other hand, that didn’t happen!!  Come on, get on the bus Jodi!!  I had been doing so well, but I’m blaming it on Vegas!!  I needed a nap after work!!




TuesdayYoga / Roll

I have NOTHING!! I didn’t want to get out of the bed in the morning and I couldn’t get off the couch in the evening!!  Ummmm, still Vegas…maybe??!!

Wednesday6 miles  6.04 miles

So far, it’s been a week of SURPRISES (not all in the form of gifts!)!!  I received a few new Runningluvs as a wedding gift from Danielle and Dwight (owners) and can I just say I LOVE them!!  Thank you so much for thinking of Rick and I on our special day.

And don’t forget I have a discount code listed under the Discount Codes page if you find yourself needing one or two or three!!

Now, about that run… I surprised myself springing out of the bed to hit the road before it was light outside.  One of my neighbors was out walking and I ran up on her with my little light and scared her.  She was out with NOTHING, no light, NOTHING!!  And it is DARK on my circle..

Anyway, I did a loop around the neighborhood waiting for the light before heading down the highway.  I don’t like to hit the highway when it’s still dark, it seems drivers swerve/come my way in the light, I don’t want to add to the distraction in the dark with my little light and reflectors!!  Once on the highway, there is a sidewalk that parallels, it was a straight down and back 4 miles!!


Thursday4 miles / Upper Body  3.05 mile run / .5 mile walk

Well, I hit snooze and didn’t get up to do the Upper Body workout…SURPRISE!!  But, I did pack my gym bag and toted it to work and I did visit Ol’ Milly for 3.5 of my scheduled 4 miles!!

Once again, I was TIRED, my glute/hamstring hurt, and I cut it short!!!  I know, I can’t be cutting it short when I have 26.2 miles to run.  I was hoping the legz up the wall would help my back side a little, as well as a few other stretches I did before hitting the shower.

FridayYoga / Roll

Once again, I found the couch after work and finally updated my name on IG!!  I decided to go with my FB Fitness Page/Blog name to keep from having 3-4 different usernames on different Social Media platforms.  I hope it works??!!


Saturday12 miles  10 miles

This was my first run without the NOW Hubs in a while AND… I worked for these 10 miles dodging storms!!  I made it out a little after 5 am to tackle my long run.  About an hour into the run I stopped to take a gel and noticed this painted rock.  I don’t know about your area, but this has been the thing this summer across the FL panhandle.  Someone paints a rock, hides it, somewhat, you want it to be found and re-hid, the finder takes a picture and posts it in the FB group named on the back.  This was my second find this summer and I think it’s safe to say that I made a kids day by posting that their rock was found!!  I did, however have to leave this one in it’s place.  It was just too large and heavy to carry with me the rest of the way.


I went on about my run for about another .25 mile before my first downpour.  I ducked in under the overhang at the Sombrero Restaurant and waited until it let up, I headed east for another 2 miles before turning around to head home.  I made it up the road to Subway before taking cover due to thunder and lightning, I waited until there was about 10 minutes between claps before trying to make it to the next establishment!!  I was almost home when another downpour hit and the sky started lighting up!!  I made it to Naju/Dog Groomer and waited to see if it was going to let up and NOPE, it wasn’t looking like it on the radar!!  So I called #theBoy to come and pick me up.  So, 10 it was which was better than nothing at all.

I spent the rest of the day puttering around doing chores, then once it cleared up I headed out for errands and groceries.  Ohhhh, and I took a nap!!

Sunday – Rest and Reset

This day was made for laundry and food prep!!

On the Menu:  IP Hard Boiled Eggs, Sriracha Honey Glazed Turkey Meatballs w/Orzo pasta, carrots and 1/2 an avocado (added after warmed up), and Fruit.  I will add a banana and peanut butter before my TM runs.



I apologize for not being quick to respond to comments on my last post, but I’m headed to do that now!!  Muah!!

Let me know…

Do you use a muffin tin to make meatballs??  Do you even meatball??!!  How often do you look for new recipes for lunch or dinner?  Do you have a recipe I might like??  If so, share!!

And… How is training going, if you are training for an upcoming race?? Will I see you in Chicago??



Author: My Kind of Fit

Race Addict, Fitness Lover, Runs with Hashimoto's, HypoThyroid Runner, Self-Proclaimed Foodie, Mother, and Air Force Veteran trying to "FIT" together the best possible ME.

11 thoughts on “Week 7 – Chicago Marathon Training”

  1. You got in more on your long run between storms than I would. It does not take much for me to give up when that kind of weather is involved. I would think after the whole Vegas thing and just the stress of getting married would wreak havoc on you. It just has too! Glad you realized that and gave yourself some extra tlc.
    Miss ya girly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think the most stressful thing in Vegas was picking the pictures we wanted!! All I did was get dressed and show up, thanks to someone else doing my hair and makeup!! But all the late hours got me once we got back!!


  2. Seriously, listening to your body is SO important. I’m guessing you’ll crush your workouts next week!

    Boo to all that lightning. They were talking about it for our long run last weekend, but it didn’t even rain (and that would have felt nice).

    If they’re doing the painted rock thing around here, I haven’t heard about it!


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