MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon

Well, I’ve waited long enough and don’t want the last race of 2016 hanging over me as I start 2017…

First off, we had been watching this race since registration opened back in March, but we we had already scheduled a race for December and were actually ambassadors for said race when it suddenly cancelled in September due to low registration??!!  Ummmm, whatever, okay that just opened December up and guess what we did??  Registered for the MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon in Biloxi, MS.

Bonus…this race was being run by the same people that put on the Louisiana Marathon and since we keep going back for that one, this had to be a great race!!  And since we’ll be running The Half at the Louisiana Marathon, we’ll get the Saaa-Weeeet extra Beach-to-Bayou medal!!!  Winning!!

We headed towards Biloxi on Saturday morning, looking to make packet pick up around noon.  We made the expo and bought a few momentos to remind of our travels…trucker hat, cawfee mug and a charm!!


As we were strolling the isles collecting all the info on all the races to run, I got a text from Tricia asking if there was food at the expo!!  There wasn’t but they were on their way and we were going to grab lunch together!! I had met Tricia the week prior at the Panama City Beach Half Marathon and I was looking forward to spending more time with her.

Well, of all places we ate at Raising Cane’s!!  I usually don’t have to eat at Cane’s until our trip to Baton Rouge, but guess what…there was one in Mississippi!!  I must say we hit it off with Tricia and her husband, Greg.  It was like we had known each other for YEARS!!  It amazes me how following someone on Instagram can lead to great conversations and friendships.

After lunch we headed to check in at our hotel, the Beau Rivage!!  It was all fancy and stuff, decked out for the holidays.

We spent some time checking out the rest of the place too…

And then a sunset before dinner…

Dinner was with Valerie and her family… We had just ran the Pensacola Half Marathon together, so it was going to be nice getting to chat with her again so soon!!

Now, it’s what you all have been waiting for…RACE DAY!!!  

We were posing’ and picturing’ all over the lobby before heading to the conventions center to catch our shuttle to the start line!!

I texted our girl Erica as we were headed out and crazy enough we found her in the convention center parking lot.  I started calling out her name when I got out of the car and…she answered!!  We hugged, chatted and boarded the bus for the start line around 6a.



It was a chilly 39 degrees at race start and we were loving our mylar blankets, however we had to ditch them as we moved to the start line. We got to meet up with everyone (Tricia and Valerie said they found us by our antlers!!) before we all ran our own race and would meet up at the finish!!

The run was ALL along the beach!!! It was pretty much a straight run down until around mile 11.  And yes, we took a picture with the Mississippi sign…ICONIC!!

We ran a little more and ran into our IG friend Jonathan around mile 4.  He is a Half Fanatic and he is chasing the Sun!!  Good Luck Jonathan!!  I don’t even know where I’m at in Half Fanatics, I know my number is 7708!!  Of course a mile 5 shot and then…the tooth incident!!  If you follow us on IG, you know about the tooth…if not…here you go… The Shark shot was about mile 9 and we were ready for fresh gum, I go a packin’.  Well, it was a little hard from the cold temps and when Ricky G bit down on it he had a CROWN fall out (I have a picture!!)  It took a minute and a few cuss words but we worked through it and as you can see below…mile 10!!!


Not long after mile 10 they took us off of Hwy 90 and put us on a less travelled road to get us to the stadium.  Apparently, we were ready to be done because I can’t find any pictures from these few miles.  I remember passing by a cemetery, the guy in the crazy suit at the hydration station, the shuttle buses lined up to shuttle runners back to the convention center, AND…that turn taking us away from the stadium and out about a half mile to turn us around and bring us to the finish!!  It was great hearing the announcer and the cheers, then it all faded as made a left turn, but…after that turn around we were headed back to those cheers and  a finish line!!  And how special to have someone capture us waving to our  FANS!!!  Actually, we spotted our beloved InstaFam and was happy to see them.

Medals in hand, we were off to hang with everyone for a little while before heading out.

And what about the FREE race pictures…

and the Medal Monday shot…


We totally enjoyed this run, however…next year we will Uber to the start shuttles instead of trying to fight the traffic with the lane closures for the runners to fetch the car and get back before check out!!

Next up…WDW Half Marathon in January 2017!!



Author: My Kind of Fit

Race Addict, Fitness Lover, Runs with Hashimoto's, HypoThyroid Runner, Self-Proclaimed Foodie, Mother, and Air Force Veteran trying to "FIT" together the best possible ME.

9 thoughts on “MS Gulf Coast Half Marathon”

    1. Yeesss!! This was such a fun run for us and the fact that the RD also does Louisiana, we knew it would be a great run!!

      You should check out the Louisiana Marathon if you haven’t already, the finish festival is the best!!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This sounds like SUCH a great race. It’s on my radar for 2017, but that would mean another racecation and since I already have one planned, probably two . . . not sure that’s happening. Maybe 2018? Plus my parents’ 70th anniversary is right around then (God willing).

    Happy New Years!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I never expected to have so much fun with you guys! Not only did we have a great time, I found a wonderful friend. I loved this race so much and I’m so very happy it is in my home state! That hardly happens.
    I’ll be checking in with yall leading up to Disney and the MS Blues for me. I hope we each have a great race. Did you hear it was supposed to be bitterly cold in MS next weekend, AND they are even throwing around the S**w word…. WTH???


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